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What is Cofcu? CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union?

Thanks to whoever suggested ARMCO. I was able refinance my loan that was marked up by the dealer.


How long did it take? When did you start?

It took a approximately a month. Today I received a message that they are disbursing the pay off.

Dang when did you start your application?

yes… they are pretty easy to work with both cofcu and ussfcu.

2/17…10 char

Interesting that it took so long for you. My experience with Armco was much faster. Start to finish including title release was 13 days. Here is my timeline:

02/22 Joined Armco with the donation option
02/23 Loan Application to buy out car lease
02/27 Loan approved
03/02 Check mailed to leasing company
03/07 Lease company emails me to say it is paid off

Anyone join Campbell recently? Bit confused… I’ve clicked the membership link in the spreadsheet and also all around the site, but have yet to find a form to fill out.

I refinanced with Armco and it was a great experience. They paid Wells Fargo and everything went very smoothly. They called me yesterday saying they finally received the title and it has no lien on it. My state does electronic liens I believe, so they don’t show up on the title document. Anyway, they are mailing it back to me and it sounds like I have to go to the DMV to record the lien. I think they even mentioned in the documents that this might need to be done. I don’t I have ever had to do this before with a loan or refi, but the great rate is definitely worth the work put in.

This looks to be just the loan application, no? Says “Loan Information - YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO APPLY FOR A LOAN. TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT PLEASE SEE OUR ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.” And if I enter my desired loan details anyway and try to continue, the next page asks for my member number.

Have you called them?

I haven’t, prefer not to make phone calls unless I have to. Will call later and report back.

Campbell is requiring 90 days of membership before you can apply for a loan.

Also you must be a NJ resident.


Any TRI-State Area (NY/NJ/LI/CT/MA) recommendations, just had 2 cars of friends come in at 16% and 9% with Tier 1 MBFS. Looking at DCU and etc…

Did the dealer tell them why it was so high?

The 16% was with Carvana so i’m more understandable about that, the Tier 1 MBFS was alittle crazy to me, showed me the credit score print out the dealer provided and the score was 800. Apparently cross-shopped with BOFA and TD Bank and they came in higher…

Tri-state, used Consumer CU:

5.64% with autopay, missed ARMCO. Used Tresl who made the process easy.

CEFCU was only slightly better, ran hard credit runs, all paperwork, and finally decided immediate family who lived in Concord, CA didn’t make me eligible (it’s Contra Costa County?) Would stay far away from them unless you live in CA.

I am guessing that Tri-state is not specific enough. Consumers CU is in Illinois.

If you meant, NY/NJ/PA… Credit Union of NJ has better than average rates with 20% down.

Best rates right now are with USSFCU (they are in DC).