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I believe 5.24 includes member level discount but doesn’t include energy discount.

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My car is finally arriving to the dealer tomorrow. The gamble paid off locking the IFCU rate of 84 months at 3.3% and no payments for 90 days. I’ve had the credit union cashier’s check since 12/28.


Congrats man… glad it all worked out. I got 3.50% for 96 months from them last month.

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Another CU with good rates and even better used rates starting at 2.74%. Can be eligible after paying $5 donation.


They don’t list the term/rate. Likely that 2.49% is T1 and 36/48 months or something like that and they go all the way up to to 13.24%.

I would expect that rates will come down a point or two by this summer as the economy grinds to a halt. Throw in another 300k or so tech layoffs at $75-100k+ salary points and 2.49%-60/72 will be back by fall.

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  • There are quite a few ways to join this and rates are pretty low.

Which might I remind you is still lower than most prime rates offered at most lenders at this time.

Of course, nothing to remind anyone of. My point was that is probably for 36 or 48 months with T1. Gone are the days of 2.49 and below for 72 or 84 months.

Do you know who they use for credit checks?

Sorry, I don’t. They do have the same portal/website for applying like other credit unions, don’t know if that could mean anything?

2.49% if you qualify, not sure if there’s a back door option

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it’s a nice CU, but they are very hard to join.

“Homefield Credit Union membership is limited to those who live, work, or attend any elementary school, secondary school, or school of higher education in Worcester County or Middlesex County in Massachusetts, and includes the family members of such persons.”


I saw that, don’t know if there’s a back door option through a donation but it’s not mentioned anywhere or at least I didn’t see it.

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My 2020 Porsche Cayenne 36 month 30k milage max lease is coming to an end in Feb. Odometer is 27800, Residual is 48500. Thinking about buying it. I’m in NorCal. Any good CU lending rates in the Bay Area? I’m a member of Excite CU which is advertising 6.24% APR for 48 months

Location isn’t a meaningful constraint.

I financed the lease buyout on a car I have in Ohio with a CU in Massachusetts.

Parsons is at 3.99 up to 84, 3.79 48-60 on hybrid and electric

Preowned 4.29, and 4.79 respectively for used.

No back door for this one. You have to have a connection to one of these counties. I just checked.

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CU sheet update

  • I gutted the front end, after finding time before the semester started - since everyone has hiked rates beyond a ‘hack’. Added several new CUs with wide availability and good rates, thank you @Harry657ha @leasenyc for your contributions.

  • Balloon sheet, a highly requested item that has long been a WIP, is now officially a WIP - please PM or post CUs with good balloon rates and I’m compiling them as I go.

  • Added rates on a used sheet, so I don’t have to make a copy-paste reply, again a highly requested item that has long been a WIP is now not a bug but instead a feature! Please continue to post or PM me with CU recs!

Happy Hacking in 2023!


Which one in MA?

DCU, but this was ~10 months ago, when I was able to grab a 65-month term at 1.49%.

I don’t think they’re the lowest now (and I am certain their rates are currently nowhere close to that. :slight_smile: ).