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I’m the one who’s actually helping him haha :sweat_smile:

I am a bit ignorant when it comes to 3rd party financiers, I only know about solar financers sadly.

I get to learn something too :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Glad you’re still around!

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I’m about to apply for an 84 month with IFCU. Have you seen any CU’s offering Black Friday rates in the past? Not sure if I should wait 3 days to see what’s being offered. Thanks

IFCU hasn’t raised their rates recently - I wouldn’t wait on applying in case they increase their rates soon. They are one of the lowest out there with no payments for 90 days.

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Thanks I’m applying for 84 months today as can’t find anywhere lower. I was mistaken with their 96 months, because you need to take out 50k minimum. I’ll get to 3.50% as long as I I put $500 monthly into their checking account, and the loan is just over that.

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How soon can I refinance a car after getting out of the dealer. I’m getting a 5.89 interest at 72 months to take advantage of rebate but I want to refinance to a lower interest rate. How soon can I do that?

As soon as the lender has processed the loan, funded the deal by paying the dealer and set up an account for you. Could be a couple of days to a few weeks or longer.

Title may also be in progress which your bank/credit union would like a lien on but they typically allow 45 days to change it over.

I’d recommend applying to get a rate lock soon and then getting a 10 day payoff quote from your dealer lender as soon as the account is set up (and you get mail or online access regarding it).

I’m buying a used 2022 Tesla model 3. Interior FCU is giving me 3.95% for 72 months because it’s used. Do you guys think I can do better somewhere else? I have excellent credit.

I doubt you’ll do better elsewhere…

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If you take a discount, incentive or rebate tied to the original financing, it can require a minimum hold period. The ability of a dealership or finance company to enforce said hold is questionable, but it could risk your relationship with the dealership. In general, I would plan on making no more then 3 payments as a worst case scenario.

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Very good point to consider!

anyone know the approval process regarding paystubs. if I started my job (w2) Oct 1st will that suffice? or will they want to see previous work experience too (I was self employed before that so it gets very annoying)
thanks in advance

It’s usually your last 2 stubs, so that should be fine. Assuming you have good credit overall… that’s kind of “standard” if they ask. This is for credit unions or new relationships. When I go to a dealer and use their banks, they never really ask for pay stubs if you’re credit is good and have leased/financed cars before.

Just a quick data point. Interior is still at 3.3% for 72 months. Process has been super easy and they are extremely responsive.

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Thanks for the resource. Closed with interior at 1.99% / 36 months. Very smooth process. Would never have found this credit union and rate without this post. Very much appreciated.


Anybody that’s looking for a loan in the near future. Do yourself a favor and pick Interior FCU over Fed Choice. I started my loan process with Fed Choice on 11/14 and as of today. I still haven’t been able to get the information from the loan officer that I’ve been requesting. She wouldn’t reply until the end of the day, leaving no time for me to respond. Her responses were very abrupt and wouldn’t even address my issues. On Monday at 4:03pm, I started the same loan request with IFCU. By Tuesday at 3:16pm, I had an email showing the tracking number for the check that was sent to the dealer. My loan officer Denise was amazing, she was thorough with all her info and replied back in a timely fashion to all my questions. I honestly was so impressed, I may consider changing over to them as my main credit union.

Thanks @HersheySweet and anyone else that provided info for this thread… it’s greatly appreciated!


I second that, amazing customer service and unbeaten rates. IFCU is the way to go

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Airport hangover + COVID bedrest = productivity?

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You got Covid on the yatch?

When I was in Frankfurt coming back to the US and made this thread. I got covid and drank a lot on the flight.

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