The best deals are yet to come

According to NYTimes

Edmunds predicts that 1.52 million new vehicles were sold in July, which would represent an increase of less than 1 percent from the same month last year.

Ms. Caldwell says she expects automakers to roll out new incentives, particularly cut-rate financing deals, to stimulate demand for the remainder of the year.

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please post link to source. Thanks.

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thank you for the link

No problems. Here is what will happen. As the economy improves and gas prices stay low, SUV sales will increase and small/mid-size car sales will tank. But since Manufacturers make 10k per SUV, they will sell the compacts for 3k loss, leading to lease deals galore in Jan and feb 2017. Eventually, 80% of drivers will be getting 15 mpg or less and price of oil will rise, which will lead to SUV sales to tank and SUV lease deals galore in Jan Feb 2019… Rinse, lather, repeat.

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I think it would be sooner than 2019. Especially if subprime auto lending takes a hit.

So there will be better deal in jan/feb17 than nov/dec16?

In the NorthEast, each sales manager has to go and clean the snow off their car quota. So they prefer to sell the car. Hoping for a snowy winter :slight_smile:

Looks like BMW leases for this summer are better than Dec 2016. So I guess it varies, this was a general predictoin ± 2 months lol