The All-New Volvo XC60

S60 is next

looks a little less bubbly in the back, but otherwise it looks similar to me.

They all “similar”, aren’t they? 16/17 BMW 5 or 16/17 MB E-class - yet 17’s are completely different animals. Same with Volvo, it’s a complete redesign.

yea, true, I guess most of these SUVs are starting to look alike. I guess I’d need to see them side by side.

Last gen xc60 owner here.

Interior looks 23423784238X better.

Front and rear looks more BMW like, but that’s not a bad thing.

Will wait 2-3 years to grab a nice lease deal.

Forgot to mention: If this is stuck with the 4cyl twin charged T6, no deal. Eff that motor and the constant auto-shutoff and laggard torque response.

Not only does it look better - it is better. New Sensus and everything else. Think new XC90 vs old XC90. Front is good, back - I really like it.

Whatever that means:

The XC60 comes with our T8 Twin Engine powertrain, a plug-in hybrid that gives you performance, efficiency and low emissions without compromise.

Doesn’t look as quietly classy and stately as XC90, but then maybe a boxy design doesn’t translate well into a smaller car (see Mercedes GLK). This is a bit too low and wagon-y, IMO. Kinda like a Q5 but with Volvo design cues.

I’m sure it’ll sell like hotcakes though! And the new Volvos have amazing interiors.

Yep. It just a tall wagon in GLC/Q5 class, not a “real” SUV. I even thought it looks lower than the current one on the pictures.
Can’t wait to see redesigned S60 (aka small S90?) built in the US.

To me the good news about the all new volvo is that they will soon be moving the old xc60 aggressively!!!
A 250 lease payment on an xc60 would be very nice!!!

Why would you want old XC60 when you already have a CC?

The Wife is jealous, she wants to trade in the Highlander for XC60.

Did she see the new one? That’s what you should shoot for for $350/mo. New technology and safety stuff.

How much safer is the current XC60 than the upcoming? Truly, unless you’re tracking your SUV and/or drive it like a 911 or a Vette, the advances have more to do with addressing bad driving habits and inattentiveness than structural safety.

That’s pretty much what I meant - advanced technology. Volvo has always been one of the safest cars.

One aspect of advances in structural safety is the small overlap frontal crash test in the IIHS Test.

You’ll find some cars just a few model years older (which were not designed for such) fail this Test.

TBH I don’t think they’ve remained a leader or outlier like they once were. Cars across the spectrum are much safer now.

And this is why I said “one of the safest cars”

Now that we’re talking about driving dynamics…

I had a T6 AWD with the 6cyl, not 4cyl twin charged. Acceleration was great with plenty of torque…but the transmission was a crapbox - slow hunting for gears and jerky shifts at times.

The T6 4cyl twincharged is on more of a CVT type of tranny and feels weird. Anyone thinking about a T6 should definitely test drive (with some oomph) to determine if it’s for you.

The forward stopping feature saved me once - that alone made it worth it at the time - but then again, it was in 2014.

Driving in the snow was phenomenal, provided that you slap on a set of wheels with snow tires. The current gen is interswappable for wheels with XC70 and in some instances, the (last gen) XC90.

FWIW - the previous (well actually current still) XC60 scored the highest on crash test with IIHS. I never hit anyone, but hey - it’s good to know.

That’s also my point with advanced safety tech - all it has to do is work once for it to payoff. Which is why I don’t understand why people lease base stripped luxury cars like 320i etc since they are deficient.

Did you specially avoid mentioning of the F-Type? You chose the safe route :slight_smile: