TFS leases question

Does anyone know for certain how tfs treats one pay leases, my sales guy claimed that if it where totaled it would be lost like a down payment but I doubt that. On another note he claimed that tfs leases were front loaded with the interest so if you were to buyout early I’d need to pay all full remaining payments can anyone confirm otherwise?

If it was totaled you’d get a prorated amount back like if the total you paid was done monthly instead of all at once. Edit to add depending on your contract you might not receive anything over the payments you were owed back (ie no equity)

If you buy out a car you pay the residual, plus remaining payments, plus disposition fee (I’m pretty sure). If you one pay, then you just pay the residual and disposition.

I could be wrong, but that is how I’ve see it when I’ve bought out.

I highly doubt unearned interest can be kept, a fee would be more believable. I could be wrong though