[TEXAS] The Grants for Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Conversion Systems


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The same as before, $2500 for a 3-year lease of a PHEV, EV, or compressed natural gas vehicle. Grants for Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Conversion Systems


Is this for individuals or businesses. Also, do dealers have to do something to apply this to the deal or do you get reimbursed if you for example pay the amount up front. Thanks for posting.



It is a post-sale grant.

Thank you! We are planning to lease an XC90 Recharge this month so this is perfect timing.

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Do they care about $2500? more like a breakfast for them


Reminder that you must pay taxes on this credit.

You mean to say if we get lender tax credits applied then we will not get this returns?

No, they mean that the state requires a W9 and will report this grant as income which you’ll owe tax on.


Rebates for EV are full and on waitlist mode now.
:joy: Why don’t they post this on the website but after I sent them all the documents?


Yeah, it’s a poorly executed program with no tracking whatsoever. And new this year dealers could reserve a spot for incoming vehicles. But, that stopped that after a couple days as they got lots of reservations. I hope you get your grant from them even if you are waitlisted.

I actually called them and spoke to them on the phone, they were super helpful. I asked the same question, since it didn’t say that they were on waitlist mode until AFTER I submitted the documents.

They have more than 2000 applications, but have NOT issued more than 2000 EV rebates yet. They anticipate a good number of the applications may be incomplete, incorrect, ineligible, etc.


I received my rebate grant check last month (March). I applied in October when it opened and did have to update 1 time with more info they requested. They really need to up the number of grants they have. This won’t be renewed for 2 years it looks like.

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Just got my approval email today. Submitted in Nov. Check should be the in the mail but didn’t get it yet