Texas Property Tax on Leased Cars

Hello! Just wanted to see if anyone has experience with this. I’m in Texas and we returned a lease in December 2019. We just got a bill from Audi Financial that includes a charge for property tax. We moved in August 2018, and we did not file a Change of Address Affidavit to qualify us for an exemption from property tax. We were unaware that this even needed to be done – Audi Financial claims they mailed us the form on three different occasions in early 2019, but we did not receive anything. Has anyone encountered this situation before? Is there any grace period or exception for filing this form? I’m guessing we’re just going to have to cough up the extra $, but wanted to see if y’all had any suggestions for remedying this circumstance. Thank you!

Contact the county tax office (you can likely email them) and see if they have a recommendation. You may be able to file with them, get a name, and then notify Audi. Audi can’t bill you if you don’t owe anything to the tax office.

My interactions with the county tax folks has been good. They enforce the law, but within that, some go as far as they can.

Alternatively, if you pay the tax, you may be able to get a refund - https://www.hctax.net/Forms/ac-501.pdf

But file the document first.