Texas- Loaner 2020 Mercedes C300 deal check

Hello, new here. I reside in Houston, TX and looking into getting a lease. One of the Mercedes offered a deal on a loaner C300 with the below info. Would this be a good deal? Any advice is welcome, thanks!
Loaner with 8.6k miles
Sales Price: $34,991
Acquisition Fee: $1,095
License, Reg, Fees: $353
$3,000 down payment

3 year/36000
$454.84 monthly payment

Seems high for being 3K DAS.

Got a worksheet?

Wow… you probably need to be around $375…

This is what the dealer sent


What’s your credit look like? I’m not crazy about that residual but there might be some rate hiding in there as well.

I’ll have a peek at the numbers when I can log on to DT.

Take the Adds out

Thank you! My credit is better than average

I’m thinking it’s as is? I didn’t add any additions

No, on the pic, it says sales price with adds. Do you know what they are?

To me the 8.6k miles is alot. New level of FC.

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Especially since maintenance isn’t covered under the agreement. Right out of the gate you’re hooked.

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Hmm not exactly sure I’ll need to ask

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It’s the same number, so I don’t think there are any add-ons.

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