Tesla Trade In Leased Car or Purchase First

Im near the end of my 2019 Q5 lease. MYP Is on order, expecting delivery in the next few months.

Tesla gave me a very fair trade in purchase price. They are still waiting on Audi’s 3rd party payoff.

My question is, sales tax in CT is 7.75%. Am I better of trading in the leased car directly to Tesla, or purchasing the car myself, then trading in the car? 3rd option is trade in direct to Audi? Audis trade in apprasal was 2.5k less than Tesla, I can always go back and negotiate.

On a separate note: MYP vs MYLR. Deciding between the two. I expect to own for 3-4 years. Price difference for me is 3k. Can anyone with access to MMR tell me if the difference in recent sales is >3k.


Your 3rd party buyout on the audi is going to make this a non-starter.


Audi / VW jack up the price to non VW group dealers.

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:+1: so my best options are purchase and trade in, or trade in direct to audi?

I only wanted to put down 10k or so on the tesla. Is there a way to purchase the audi for 30k, get 20k cash back, and put 10k towards the tesla?


The Y commands more than the 3
I’m almost positive the Y’s MMR is higher than the 3’s by over $3000

@z0lt3c has been thru a few teslas maybe he can chime in

Edit: I thought m3p vs mylr

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Not 3 vs Y, rather MMR difference on MYP vs MYLR.

I’m sorry read it wrong

Get the P :smiley:

Speed & Comfort

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How is the MYP more comfortable than an MYLR?

I thought he was talking vs a 3 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If you look at comparing the current 22 base MMRs, it’s about a $2200 difference, in favor of MYP. If you look at highest recent sales, the gap is wider, favoring MYP by almost $5000. You won’t get hurt with a MYP.


@z0lt3c thank you!