Tesla Model Y LR flip price?

Hey everyone.

Has anyone sold a brand new (or almost new) Model Y LR to Carmax/other dealer recently? Curious what price you were able to get?

I have a Model Y LR reservation that is due for delivery in a few weeks. I was going to cancel it as I have a Wrangler 4xe lease on order as well. However, my Model Y order is locked in at $5k below current MSRP and I’m wondering if it might be a good opportunity for a flip.

Has anyone else flipped a Model Y recently?

They have been going for $66K-$68K at auction.

Best offers right now are from Driveway.

Flip is much easier in a sales tax exemption state, but can still net positive equity.

Really depends on how what your OTD price is including TTL.

Keep the Y, flip the wish.com G wagon.


I’m curious about this too. I need a car ini July and if o order a Y soon I’ll get an estimated May delivery date. If all goes well and order not delayed (typical with Tesla…) then I’ll get the car in time and be a happy camper. However, if delayed, I’ll try the discord route and get an inventory car. Wondering in that scenario if it would be worth still getting the car in order and immediately flipping it for a bit of profit (assuming the values hold as called out above). I live in a tax free state for EVs so that helps.

Thoughts? Is my logic sane?

Just get it off the discord when your ready. They expect pickup 3 days after ordering so be ready to have your ducks in a row when you order !

You won’t be able to flip if you buy at the current price. Tax free state MIGHT help you break even.

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Cheapest Y LR listed on carmax is at $61k for a 2020 unit. Figure $53-55k was the trade?

Well given the overnight 2nd price increase in past week…I will certainly be buying it now. Thanks Tesla for making my decision easy lol

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In my experience Carmax puts $5k markup from acquired cost. (on 3 & Y)

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Can confirm. I sold a car to Carmax years ago (think I received $15.5k) and I saw it listed a few days later for $20k.

Hello Everyone,
I am currently holding a Tesla Model Y LR with an estimated delivery date of July 23-Aug 10, 2022.
Veh was reserved last year, Oct 2021. I am showing a price increase 7k for same vehicle/specs with delivery April 2023. I live in Orange County Ca.
Thinking a flip on this - Thoughts?

Double posted.