Tesla model y brake failure

Sheesh. 0-60 in 3 secs has its disadvantages for sure. This driver kept control relatively well considering…

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So weird because off throttle the regen braking almost stops the car. So failure of regen and regular brakes.

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Oh My God Omg GIF

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To quote fellow LHers @305Hackr. “Hard no to EVs”

I kid of course but Tesla has been in the news in NY back in May

But back to the video. Damn.

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There are third party programming devices that can disable regen. See Enhance Auto / Abstract Ocean. They send CAN bus messages to modify regen levels.

This video is definitely scary but I’d like investigators to do their due diligence first.

Does it state when this happened? Have folks at Tesla reviewed the video and provided an “explanation”?
While watching the video, I was at a loss for words.

See the description from this YT video.

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I wasn’t posting it as a Tesla bash. I know other cars kill people ALL the time due to mechanical failure. All could have been avoided crashing it earlier but if you’ve ever driven a Tesla it doesn’t give you much time to think before you’re going 60…



Tesla said videos showed that the car’s brake lights were not on when the car was speeding and that its data showed issues such as there being no action to step on the brakes throughout the vehicle’s journey.

So if they already have access to the car’s data, why not share that info with an independent firm for review? Tesla can ask them to sign an NDA so as not to publicly disclose any proprietary info.

Many years ago, I saw a runaway taxi (you can see how long ago this was lol) smash into a lamppost then hard accelerate (maybe gas pedal was pressed?) into a storefront and got stuck with the front inside the store and the rear outside. The taxi began to accelerate even more (like max RPM) before the engine finally blew up a minute later. Could have been mechanical failure or medical emergency. I called 911 but others called before me and was told fire trucks were on their way.

I think that the NTSHA should open an investigation into the Model Y owner at work that parks almost diagonally in the “wrong” (universal) EV spot, then proceeds to drag the Tesla charger across to the spot that they decided on parking in, leaving me with 75% of a Tesla spot to squeeze into and drag the universal charger to :roll_eyes:

person probably hit the gas and not the brake,
Even with complete brake failer the car would not keep accelerating.

Got his foot stuck under the brake but was aboe to drive so well.

In america we call that looking for a farmers market then blame the auto company for bad brakes

Once twice okay. After that I’d just block him in

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