Tesla Model S or X deals?

Does anyone have any Tesla Model S/X deals to post? I’m just curious how these deals are structured, typical discounts, RV/MF, etc.

Tesla does not negotiate price so its whatever is posted on the website.

The only “deal” you can get on a Model S or X is $1k off with a referral code - if you need one let me know.

I’ve heard of discounts on Inventory and/or demo cars (vs building your own) plus you would still qualify for the Federal tax credit (no idea if Tesla gives you this as lease cash). I just wanted to see what types of RV/MF exist so I can try to identify trends, etc.

There were a couple of weeks when they did this - some inventory cars were discounted by $10-15k, but then Elon Musk put a stop to that. http://money.cnn.com/2016/09/30/technology/tesla-elon-musk-discount/

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Rumors. The inventory is strictly controlled price and leased through Tesla. The best offers you will find are listed on the website.

Yup put a “stop” to it. It’s only a matter of time when they resume such practices. When the Model 3 launches they cease being a boutique luxury car brand and start becoming an everyman’s car (think Ford Model T)

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Model 3 starting at $35k is hardly an everymans car. A lot of people wont be able to take the full 7500 in federal credits, even at nearly $200k in combined income its a challenge for my wife and I with all our other deductions and credits. Add yo that the fact it almost immediately drops to $3750 and shortly after will phase out entirely on federal incentives…

Leasing a new Tesla makes no sense: even if you’re doing it for your business, most of the incentives are for purchasers. The only viable way to get a “deal” on a Tesla lease that I’ve found is to go to swapalease and find a desperate seller who will pay you a few months’ payments to take over their lease.

Average new car price in 2015 was $33,560. I don’t pull numbers out of thin air. I do my research an average person can afford and average car.

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I looked into leasing a model S but ended up buying since the lease numbers simply didn’t make financial sense, especially after viewing the deals that folks share here.

So when the base price is above average you consider that everymans?

This is incorrect reasoning. I don’t have numbers, but I imagine only a smallish fraction of all car purchases are for new cars. Just think about how many times the average car is sold. Only the relatively wealthier people van afford new cars.

I would disagree. First the Model 3 is bigly backlogged, with demand>>>>supply. Second, the 190E, then the C-class and now CLA haven’t taken away Mercedes’ status as a luxury brand. One could reasonably argue that the only reason anyone buys a mediocrity like the CLA is that it has a luxury badge attached to it.

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I looked into leasing. You don’t get much of a break. The $7500 Federal tax credit is not used as any kind of "Capitalised Reduction Cost” or whatever the term is, instead, it’s added to the Residual Value so as to lower the cost of renting the car for 36 months, thus reducing the monthly payment that way. If you decide to lease, make absolutely sure that you’ll have NO intention of buying the car after. You’ll be paying $7500 more than the next buyer for the same type of vehicle