Tesla Model 3: $535/mo (84mo) -OR- $878/mo (48mo), $0 Down after Fed Tax+CVRP+SCE – Order Now for 2018 Delivery (Financing)



Performance models are available for test drive at most Tesla Stores. I always skip extended warranties, so I didn’t look into the price.


Instructions are in my original post. Feel free to PM me questions regarding anything you need help with and I’ll be happy to assist. You can order the car here - http://ts.la/eric2184


Any Volvo dealer will be happy to fix you up!


Yes, there are really finance rates like that around. Here is the link to the finance rates from my original post: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/tesla-loan-comparison-spreadsheet-auto-updates-hourly.127779/

I updated my original thread regarding CVRP income limits. Most people will qualify for $2500. Those with low income will qualify for $4500 while those with high income will qualify for $0. See www.cleanvehiclerebate.org for details.

Also, if your income is too low (<$50k annually), you won’t receive the full $7500 federal tax credit because you don’t have that much in tax liability.


It makes no sense to buy a car and get hit with the biggest depreciation up front only to sell it to someone a few years later. If you are going to buy you should keep it to make it worthwhile money wise.


What happens if the resale value of the car you’re currently in the black on suddenly tanks for whatever reason, causing you to be in the red. Is that still poor fiscal management on the note holder’s part?


Poor choice of words on my part. It’s pretty common for a new car buyer to be upside down due to depreciation if they put very little down.


Best part of that movie was him cleaning the car with no windshield


As of today, Tesla is stating “$7,500 tax credit expires December 31. Order now for 2018 delivery.” I have no idea how long “now” will last. I have updated my original post and thread title to reflect this.

6-months of free supercharging if you order here: http://ts.la/eric2184