Tesla Model 3: $535/mo (84mo) -OR- $878/mo (48mo), $0 Down after Fed Tax+CVRP+SCE – Order Now for 2018 Delivery (Financing)

UPDATE 12/12/18: Tesla’s order page now states “$7,500 tax credit expires December 31. Order now for 2018 delivery.” I have no idea how much longer Tesla will guarantee 2018 delivery if you order “now” so it’s time to act fast if you’re interested.

You can’t lease a Tesla Model 3, but I just want to share how this car can be a great deal with financing since I love my Model 3 so much! You must place your order ASAP (updated 12/12) to guarantee delivery by December 31 to receive the full $7500 federal tax credit. PM me if you need any assistance and I will be happy to help. Please use my referral link/code if the information I posted or the assistance I provided is helpful - http://ts.la/eric2184

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2018 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range Rear-Wheel Drive
License/Reg $551, Sales Tax: 7.75%

Selling Price: $47,200 ($46k MSRP+$1.2k destination)
Monthly Payment: $535 (84 mo, 2.64% APR) -OR- $878 (48 mo, 1.39% APR)
Down Payment: $10,450 (refunded post-sale)
Incentives: 6 Months of Free Supercharging – http://ts.la/eric2184
Post-Sale Rebate*: $10,450 ($7,500 Federal Tax Credit + $2,500 CVRP + $450 SCE)

Region: California

*Full Federal Tax Credit subject to buyer having $7500 in 2018 federal tax liability. Actual CVRP rebate will be $4500, $2500, or $0 depending on income; see cleanvehiclerebate.org for eligibility. SCE rebate for those residing at addresses serviced by SCE.

To get the best rate, get approved by the local credit union with the lowest APR for your loan terms. Then, apply for a loan with the exact same terms through Lightstream. Once Lightstream approves your loan, e-mail the credit union’s approval letter to Lightstream’s Rate Beat Program and Lightstream will beat the credit union’s rate by 0.10%. The best part is Lightstream loans are unsecured and the money gets deposited to your bank account, so you’re a cash buyer and receive the title on day 1. This will save you lots of time on paperwork. See the links below for the best interest rates with credit unions and more information on Lightstream’s Rate Beat Program.

Lowest interest rates: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/tesla-loan-comparison-spreadsheet-auto-updates-hourly.127779/
Lightstream Rate Beat Program: https://www.lightstream.com/rate-beat
6-mo Free Supercharging: http://ts.la/eric2184

84 months is important enough to be on the title…


Yeah the 84 months doesn’t work for a lot of people. Best case scenario for a lot of EV leasers - your carpool stickers won’t be valid past 4 years

Added it. Alternatively, I went with a 48 month loan with 1.39% APR. With all else being equal, this will bring the monthly payment to $878.

$47k MSRP? How does one survive without Enhanced Auto Pilot and White seats?

Jk. All else aside this is fairly useful info since I have been interested in a Tesla as well. Thanks for sharing!

I’d be shocked if a Model 3 can even last 48 months with all of the quality control issues they have


Since you brought it up~ I’ll chime into this as well. Their employees have been powering through Thanksgiving and most likely through Christmas as well. It’s kind of like buying a Model Home in California ~ those things are rushed and everything is slapped on for short term appeal. Don’t get me wrong I love Tesla’s but I too question the batches that were and are being built during the holiday season if already they are having quality control issues during normal manufacturing times.


Enhanced Autopilot is $5k and white seats is $1k - I got both. These options aren’t even offered on competing vehicles. Still, I feel that a standard Model 3 at around $36k after all credits is the best car you can buy for the money.

As for quality, the largest problem affecting all Model 3s is paint issues. The paint will most likely have a few dust nibs under the clear coat. I’m very picky and was annoyed by this at first, but I figured I’d rather receive the full tax credit and have a detailer try to correct the issues rather than miss out on the full $7500 federal tax credit. Electric cars require very little maintenance, so it’ll probably outlast most reliable gas powered cars.

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That reminds me of the old 80s Michael Keaton comedy movie Gung Ho…the American factory workers have to hit 15k cars by the end of the movie. The last few aren’t put together so well, to say the least.

Hopefully the out of warranty repairs get much cheaper, or you are handy and can secure parts. Model S owners have been shell shocked at the cost. Someone on this board had 3 or 4 handles replaced on one with a CPO warranty I think…at 1,000 a clip. Few hundred bucks for a power window motor. 3800 for an AC compressor. I’ve heard and seen other rather high expensive repair costs too.

Good luck though.

All that was covered under warranty tho right?

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I just drove a Model 3 last week and really enjoyed it. Need to see the company more stable all around to commit to buying one.

For 4 years… if you’re financing at 84 months - you have 3 years of risk at least

In his case it was…he bought the extended warranty. Not everyone is lucky enough to have though.

Are there any rules about posting referral codes on the forum? With December being the last month to take delivery to get the full tax credit, I can see there being a rush of users spamming on this site if it’s left unchecked.

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Do they have the performance model available for test drives? How much is the extended warranty?

$878 for a 50k car?

where do I sign?

On the loan docs when you take the FINANCING loan. What do you expect? To pay lease payments for buying?

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Remind me again the name of this website?

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Those rates look about 1.5% low +/-. Are there really finance rates like that around?

$535 x 84 = $44,940
$878 x 48 = $42,144
$2,796 saved by stroking big payments & payments stop 3 years sooner. A 5 year loan might split the baby nicely.

I’d be curious what the loan balance is when the factory warranty ends.

The CVRP is income limited- buyer may not qualify if single person makes over $150K or married couple $300K.

Tesla resale value might take a huge dump if Tesla goes under or bought out by another company…