Tesla lease - what to expect?

Hey guys, what would you consider a good lease deal for Tesla Model 3 / Model S, in terms of MF/RF/LH score? I don’t expect the numbers to be impressive as BMW, just hope to learn about the room for negotiation, if any…

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It’s Tesla, there is no negotiations. You can easily see how much a lease would be on their website.


Spoiler alert it’s going to be ugly!


Leases on Tesla’s are disastrous, which is a pretty big shame. They are fixed prices and you literally order it online. Non-standard car buying experience. Plus, at the end of the lease you have no option to purchase it because Tesla is amassing all lease returns to build its autonomous ride share fleet (or something).

Get your state/local EV incentives lined up and buy one, that is your best option for dollar value.

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According to this Tesla models (especially Model 3) incur lower depreciation than German cars. So I might actually lose little to purchase one and get rid of it in a year or two?

A side question regarding “fixed price”: Are Tesla stores like Apple stores with uniform pricing and services, eliminating the need to shop around and compare the quotes?

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Buy, don’t lease. Everyone pays the same price, which helps keep resale values up.


There are price effected demos/test drive cars. You’ll have to use a tool to look for those, not be picky about color or build, etc.

You can save up to 20% (in the past, not so much these days but ymmv).

Have fun.

I can contribute - I’ve leased 2 Model S’s, first one was a order at full price, second one was a showroom deal at $15k discount. I drove 50k miles over 36 months on both vehicles and leasing came out ahead. This might depend more on your potential exit strategy than what you’re paying monthly.

2014 P85D MSRP $115k + Tax = $124k
Leased: $62k over 36 months (incl tax)
Cost If purchased: $64k ($124k - 60k resale after 36 mos)
Result: Lease is $2k Cheaper

2017 100D MSRP $110k Sale Price $95k + Tax = $102k
Leased: $45k over 36 months (incl tax)
Cost If Purchased: $52k ($102k - $50k Resale after 36 mos)
Result: Lease is $7k Cheaper

Something else worth mentioning is I saved $20k in fuel on both cars due to a $10k investment in solar panels in 2014 so, optional, “fuel savings” could be part of the calculus.

The difference is not great, but as a lessor I can choose to “buy” out at anytime. Also, if you purchased and gotten into an accident, your resale will be hit due to accident disclosure. Leases can be returned no problem whether you had accidents or not, without penalty.

Moving forward, Model S Long Range could be worth purchasing if you’re doing a lot of miles, and Model S Performance has a slight lean toward lease. Showroom discount would definitely give a lean toward lease.

Keep in mind that by year end, they will probably come out with big improvements to the Raven drivetrain, as well as a likely battery overhaul. So if you purchase one today at full price, you’re looking at a potentially big drop in resale price.


Tesla does not allow the leasee to do a “buyout” on the Model3.

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That’s what they signed buyers into, but we won’t know if their position will change come 2021/2022 when the large # of leased vehicles come back. Just pure speculation they may well be “protecting” the cars from being bought out a few months after being leased.

OP may be best served going to the Tesla forums and looking up more info there since there’s nothing to negotiate (unfortunately)

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There is no negotiations with Tesla.

Can’t imagine leasing one. I think when I looked it was less than 15% more to buy. With that the 3/y are reselling for just makes sense to buy.

Fuel savings? Nahhhh Electric and hybrid cars are sold at a premium over gas cars. So you are paying for it that way. You are paying a premium for the technology so in reality there is no cost savings basis while owning electric or hybrid vehicles. Unless you own the car for a set amount of years than eventually you will see the savings, but until then not so much.

IDK, Bolt and i3 can be driven pretty cheap.