Tesla driver was asleep while car was doing over 90 mph

I’ve heard of sign-N-Drive but not sleep-N-Drive.

That Tesla Auto-Pilot message doesn’t seem to be sinking in


What kind of credit limit does an average 20 year-old have on their 1 or 2 cards? Just enough to get an iPad? Two outfits from H&M? It’s a different kind of stupid, but at least it doesn’t endanger others.

What’s the problem here exactly? Did he crash? Did he kill someone?

And what’s funny is the story, all the cop had to do was pull in front of the Tesla and slow down. Poof the car will stop.

And the only problem? He was snoring so loud that the people in other lanes could hear him, and that he bypassed the safety feature built into the steering wheel.

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He could have, and would not have been aware or attempted to avoid it. Autopilot is not perfect, and there is plenty of evidence of that… It is intended to be used with an attentive driver at the wheel. Someone? A 5,000 lb death machine going 90mph could kill several people. ‘No harm, no foul’ really does not apply here.

The whole Tesla thing is still relatively novel and thus chased by the media. That explains the article. Now explain sleeping at the wheel. The bottom line is the same: disregard for the safety of others. In fact, one could argue that making bad decisions while impaired is less deliberate.

If I could choose how I would die I would choose during sleep too…smart of him.