Tesla double charging

First mention on LH here:

An article on Car and Driver repeats the same info and adds that “[a]necdotally, one of the affected buyers told CNBC, a Tesla employee said “hundreds” of people have been hit by duplicate charges.”

Thought the topic was worth creating a separate thread for updates.


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In all fairness “Tesla finance arm effed up” is not even news. I think Tesla customers are now Stockholm syndromed into accepting BS like this.

I was reading a discussion yesterday from someone that was going to pick up his new model Y and going over the inspection procedure. They told him that their QC allowed for up to 1" scratch on every body panel and only triggered rework if it was worse than that. I can’t imagine picking up a new car and having that be considered acceptable.


Does the customer have to accept it?

They sure made it sound like “we’ll only take it back if it crosses this threshold”. Now, we could go down the rabbit hole of refusing delivery and someone else stepping it to purchase it vs them taking it back and fixing it. It sounds like they do push for your to sign before inspection, in which case you’d be S.O.L.


That is a ridiculous policy.

Par for the course

I have Tesla solar, they don’t seem to have any kind of billing software. All I ever get was ‘payment received’, no running ledger or any summary. At least my dispute was less than a $100.

I just read through the article fully, not only did they double charged him, they didn’t even deliver the car when they were supposed to. They are so lucky with their cult following, any other company would be getting sued into oblivion for this type of behavior.

And why does this always happen right before the quarter ends and they have to close the books for reporting? Hmmmm… Last time it was randomly charging for FSD wasn’t it?

Big oil paid you to ask that, didn’t they?


I find this funny.

INFINITI won’t let me sell their car to Carvana? I will never get another INFINITI!

Tesla just dinged my bank account for $40k twice…crickets.


Not just crickets… people run out to get another one after they pull this crap.


Might as well get two for the price of four. :rofl:


Tesla is famous for reinventing the wheel. Why buy someone else’s functional billing software when you can write your own?

At least 1 affected :clown_face: will end up telling Tesla “please just credit my Cybertruck deposit. Austin forever. Bitcoin to the moon.”