Tesla 2024 Model Y LR AWD | Signed | $438.52/mo | 36/12k | $3600 trade-in | $0 additional DAS

Hey everyone, first time poster!

Hoping to get feedback and learn for my next lease.

I’ve had my eye on a Model Y for a while, and finally pulled the trigger this week after two positive test drives. Would love to hear what you all think about the deal!

I also noticed they just cut prices again on the Tesla website today (4/19), so figured it’d be a good time to share the deal I got! I’m still figuring out how to decipher some of terminology within the Tesla leasing contract.

Any advice on how to make this post more informative is welcome!


MSRP: $49,990
Destination Fee: $1,390
Order Fee: $250
Price Adjustment: -$5,000
Agreed Total Selling Price: $46,630

Base Monthly Payment: $438.52
Term: 36 months
Mileage: 12k/yr
Trade-in: $3600 ('08 sedan that Carvana offered $2000 for!)
Money Factor: 0.0030800

If anyone is interested in a Model Y, I will include my Tesla referral link! You get 3 bonus months of free Full Self-Driving when you use it (I believe the whole referral program is ending on 4/30).

Tesla Referral Link


Here is a photo of the new car! I’m super excited!


How much did you pay at signing? Any additional down payment?

Hey, great question! No additional down payments or any fees paid up front.

It was $0 total due at signing.

Correct me if I am wrong, you must have put $3600 equity from trade in towards your new Tesla correct?


Yeah so it would be 3600 DAS, 438.52 per month.


I would say You put $2k DAS. This is the car value on used car market if the rest of the quotes were below $2k.

This is factually incorrect. He received $3600 as a credit. He put $3600 down.

I’m not OP…

I’m just using what they posted

Hey everyone, sorry for any confusion.

I tried to include the trade-in value I received in the title and the post itself. I was mainly trying to answer dtk101’s question about any additional down payments or fees that I didn’t list. When I went to pick up the car and sign the docs, it truly was $0 out of pocket, which surprised me.

I believe the value of the trade-in actually helped even more in this deal than putting $3600 cash down because of the tax incentive of trading it in (as far as my knowledge goes, I could be mistaken on this). It’s also interesting because of how much more Tesla offered for my trade-in. It was for more than I could have sold the car privately.

Happy to post the contract this week when I get some time! I’d love to learn more once you guys can see all the numbers and creative accounting Tesla does within the paperwork.

I honestly expect more trade funny business from Tesla moving forward. Elon has cut off the extra discounting in the showroom, but there are no such rules about inflated trade in values.

That’s an interesting thought! I wonder if that is the future in place of inventory discounts. Strategically, it makes more sense than constantly lowering/upping the price every couple days. I think customers would like to see some pricing stability, in my opinion. Even since I got mine, the MSRP has dropped back down $2000 for most models.

Hello and congrats on your new tesla.

Which dealership which state? I am looking for one but mine in vegas is coming out higher price. is your price $440 includes tax or without??

Please advise or share your sales person info so i can get one asap. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hey Bukharilv! Thank you!

I am in MO. I didn’t work with a specific sales person.

I did it all online through the Tesla website. The price may be a tad higher today because they are not doing inventory discounts at the moment. The MSRP was higher when I got mine ($49,990 vs $47,990 today), but they offered an inventory discount on this particular model of $5,000, bringing my price to $44,990 before the destination and order fees.

Hi. you discount was offer thru the website or was offer the dealer ?

Tesla does not have dealers. Its direct from the manufacturer

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Hey lalan, It was direct from the website!

Dear Bmoc81239!

Thanks for sharing your model Y lease overview. That would be great if you could share the final Tesla contract paper work so we could see the details. This would really help prospective buyers in this community.

Thanks so much!