Temp registration expires today in NY no permanent registration from dealer?


Hi Guys,

I know with Covid etc DMVs are slow but the NJ dealer hasn’t sent my permanent registration and also hasn’t returned any of my messages from the last week inquiring what to do. What are you guys doing when your out of state temp registration and plates expire?

Drive only at night with the lights off.

I’d check the DMV site…here in MI they passed a law that allows people to drive with expired registration without paying late fees or getting a ticket - which makes absolutely no sense, you can renew it completely online and get the sticker in the mail. I just got mine last week.


You are right. It makes no sense. You can get away with not renewing and you still went ahead and renewed? You must love your governor and want to contribute to his salary desperately.

You still have to renew it once the grace period ends, and it would still only be good for 12 months from expiration date. The law just prevents tickets and late fees. 6 of one…

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Not going to help you today but, this happened to me pre-covid time frame and I ended up just registering the car myself in NY. VFS gave me power of attorney and I went to the DMV and did everything from there. The paperwork was a little complicated but less so than dealing with a remote dealer.

Problem solved. https://morriscountynj.gov/2020/05/covid-19motor-vehicle-commission-furthjer-extends-license-registration-inspection-dates/

Thank you for the info

If you had bought Tesla shares instead of just mailing a check to the state …

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See below from NJ DMV.

I did both, except they were long puts when it hit 1750 :money_mouth_face:

Funny thing is I pitched my fund TSLA last year @ $190 a share in June. They laughed me off and thought I was a lunatic. I bought some shares and held on. You all know the rest.