Temp plates are expired still don’t have lic plates

My mom leased a car through a broker here and just called me freaking the (f…k) out that the temps expire today and she still doesn’t have the plates.

The car came from a PA dealer and we’re in NY. She said she’s reached out to the dealer and no ones responded to the matter and the broker isn’t much help either.

Anyone have a thought or suggestion because I dont know what to say anymore either.

How about calling NY DMV to see if they have the paperwork and the status?

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Thanks I suggested this and since it’s out of state she said I dont know who to ask for etc and honestly I didn’t either. I’ll suggest it again since it makes the most sense. Thanks

From another post about NY plates. Sounds like it is the DMV, not much that can be done about it.

Also after today we can’t even do Ny deals anymore until further notice. Your dmv is so behind and they’re apparently starting to ticket people for expired registration. If any of my clients do get a ticket for that let me know. We will cover the cost!

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I got my car from a PA dealer and I am also in NY. My temp tags expired 2 months ago (Sept 22) and I drive my car to work. (I have no choice). I am tempted to get those temp tags being sold on facebook but another dealer from NY advised that it’s better to keep my legit expired tags on instead and show the paperwork and proof of insurance in case I get pulled over. I have been calling the PA dealer almost every week but unfortunately, they have no any idea when my plates are coming out since they hired a 3rd party company to do registrations for out of state clients.

Temp tags should be good for 90 days in NY (60 past the date on the tag). My plates are in the mail as of yesterday, so it took a bit over 5 weeks.