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I’m having trouble finding my money number on this lease deal. I feel like it a terrible lease.

Do you think I have room to negotiate at all?

You can likely negotiate some but it’s a moot point. This is a vehicle you purchase, don’t waste your time. I purchased mine last January SX-P with 5 k down and payment is around 900, 0.99/60 months. The demand is still so high that I could sell it now for what I paid for it.

You’ll have to hunt but find a dealer that doesn’t mark up. Good luck, it’s a great vehicle.

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It’s a telluride so yes it’s a terrible lease. Those leased horribly before the pandemic, now forgot it. If you must have a telluride you are going to over pay for it.

What’s the MSRP? Buying is the way to go but I still wouldn’t pay $5k-$10k over. Since there are no mandatory dealer accessories, I assume it’s marked up a bunch.

As a few posters have already pointed out, the Telluride has historically been a much better vehicle to purchase rather than lease. Is this the 1st and only dealer you got a quote from? What’s the MSRP? On the sheet the dealer provided you with, they didn’t list the money factor. They have you pegged as a “payment shopper.” Push the sales person and ask them what the money factor is. What will it look like if you finance the vehicle?

Talk to multiple dealers about ordering one or putting down a deposit on a vehicle in transit.

Target: MSRP plus a reasonable doc fee, nothing more.

Finance it, using your own lender or KMF depending on who has the best terms.


I have another quote for ex as well. Not much in stock near me.

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Stop walking into dealerships for a quote and expecting a good deal. It won’t happen on this vehicle.

@max_g just laid out a playbook for you. It is pretty simple to follow, IMO.

You’re in VA and it’s a Telluride, buy it if you want it. In VA the tax is charged on the entire purchase price, which represents a huge tax burden for a lease.

Do what Max said, and stop walking in, asking to pay 11,15, whatever % over.

Thanks for the advice!

But those written notes with the asterisks and underlines are so compelling.

Especially when they list standard features on an EXP!

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