Targeted GMC Pullahead offer


FYI for those who took advantage of the great Terrain lease deal in late Winter/early spring 2018, I just got a targeted pull ahead offer from GMC. Up to 1,000 and 3 payments. Additionally they advertise additional cash allowance of 2k on Sierra Limited and Yukons, 1500 Acadia/Canyon, 750 Sierra Crew/DB, and 500 Terrains.

“Can be combined with most other incentives” Comes with a certificate number.

I am almost over contract mileage so trying to take advantage as I have 3 months left.

Are those cash incentives the normal loyalty incentives, or in addition to anything publicly available? Could make for a good lease deal.

Post a scan or picture of the flyer with your certificate number blanked out

All of these incentive values match up with GM lease loyalty offer values. If I had to guess, I would say they are just advertising the lease loyalty offer to you, but I truly hope I am wrong for your sake

I figured… Might try to for an Acadia loaner and see if they are getting aggressive near end of month, and avoid any mileage issues in 3 months.

I received this one today. Legit pull ahead or just marketing bs?

I received one like this in the mail too.

It seems like the same program

It doesn’t say anywhere that your remaining payments are covered. I’d say this is dealer BS. The email that OP received says “GMC will cover up to 3 lease payments up to $1,000”


I was thinking it was bs but figured I’d ask

check your email because I received both marketing materials.
@BoardWalkNJ is right, the back of that mailer says it won’t eliminate your debt so you’re still on the hook…whereas the GMC email is a true pullahead where the payments don’t get rolled into your new lease.

I received an updated offer today. Will need more incentives to match the $240 on my current lease. Did anyone have any luck with this?

I would kill for that pull ahead to show up in my inbox today.

How many months are left on your current lease, just curious.

I wouldn’t mind getting a pull ahead offer. It is independent of the lease loyalty but sometimes is treated as a private offer, which lease loyalty is, too. GM typically allows only one private offer per lease but they make an exception on these sometimes.

Its a good problem to have.

the pullahead if targeted is paid by GM, the lease cash shown is lease loyalty available to everyone not just with the targeted pullahead.

terrains and acadias are not leasing well unless you find a desparate dealer it seems…I am probably turning in and getting a Tundra