Target discount on MDX in TX

Hi everyone,
Looking for a three row SUV lease and have narrowed it to Acura MDX. Car has to be Red exterior so there is MDX, CX-9, Pathfinder and the brand new CX-90. MDX so far is the choice, although I haven’t test drove the new CX-90. I doubt it would have good lease numbers. I missed the boat on Pathfinder one pay lease as residuals dropped for March and possibly for April. I have all the numbers from Edmunds but wondering what discount should I target? Brokers in non-TX area are advertising 8% off but if someone has any other suggestion or recent MDX run-ins for a data point would love to know that. I am looking at base ($50K MSRP) or Technology package ($57K MSRP). Thanks!

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If in Texas you should really figure out what model has tax credits.


Pathfinder does have TX credits that I know. I can ask on others but not all dealers are willing to give those out. Typically I have gone to dealers with target deals after gathering information from LH+Edmunds. Thanks for the input.

What discounts are available across all regions in the #marketplace ?

I think I mentioned that in my first post, it was 8% as the best discount per my search on marketplace topics. It wasn’t for TX/south region though.

Hi there. Finally closed on my MDX A-Spec transaction. Had to switch to a purchase from a lease. I got an overall discount of 9.2% from MSRP including $1000 conquest. There was an extra $1000 available but not on the color I wanted. Not sure why no one was willing to provide the lease number in line with this discount. I compared my TCO for just under 2 years and finance was coming ahead of the hypothetical lease (which no one was even offering).


Congrats on the new ride. Sharp color!

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So, dealer refused to lease it with a 9.2% discount? Only a purchase? Was there some sort of factory to customer cash/rebate on a purchase that wasn’t available on a lease and your 9.2% discount includes that?

Yeah no one was going beyond 5% on a lease. I was negotiating by asking for a monthly amount and zero down and no one came anywhere close. I switched to finance and then one finally agreed on an out the door price and we closed. $1000 conquest was available for both lease and finance.

Seems odd unless there was some sort of dealer cash that they only get if the car is financed vs leased or maybe some kind of kick back from Honda Finance if it’s financed…oh well, you got the car you wanted for a price you were willing to pay. Enjoy, it’s a good-looking vehicle.

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