Tacoma one pay proposal

Is there any room here?

MSRP: 33,817.00
Vehicle Price: 31,000.00

  • Pulse Safety System: 395.00
  • Acquisition Fee: 650.00
  • Documentation Fee: 299.00
  • Title Fee for county: 10.00
  • Rebate: 1500.00
    = Adjusted Price of 30,854.00
    Money Factor: 0.00160
    Includes total 24-month taxes at 7% 421.68
    Residual Value: 27,053.00
    1-Pay total due at signing: $6,446.00

The discount is too little

Where are you located?

That’s a super high effective payment for a very low MSRP taco

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Nebraska unfortunately

Where is the fat to trim on the deal? Just dealer discount?

You should be able to negotiate that Pulse down too. Fair market value is in the range of $200, not $400. Or tell them to take it out if they balk at reducing the price.