Tacoma 2019 TRD Sport good lease with 0 down?/

Thank you All for the feedback. Decide to go to another dealer for my purchase. Per recommendations I went with an off-road model the RV was better. they quoted the below, I think it looks way better now.

Tacoma 2019 Offroad -TRD Premium Off Road Package, Technology Package, Predator Pro Step
**MSRP: $38500
**Selling Price: $35197
**Monthly Payment: $325 before adding negative equity, $410 All in (including 7% tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: first month payment
**MSD: 0 (did not allowed any)
**Incentives: 500
**Annual Mileage:12K
**MF: .00180
**Residual: 77%
** Disposition= $350

Still don’t know what a rain package is…

MSDs not allowed? What do you mean?

Looks like an Auto Nation dealer so I’m not surprised.

First they did not know what MSD were no surprise, then when I try to add some they said no because the MF was already low…and not needed.

Not going to make this any good even w all the MSDs in the world

I’d keep the rain package though, I think it includes wipers and special blinker fluid…:joy::rofl:

Just make a road trip and be done with it

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Yes, if you can spare the time for a roadtrip, go north for one of these and save a bunch of $.

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My dealer just told me $496 for 36m with 2500 down. Am I crazy or is that stupid high? I live in the Dallas area.

Are they giving you two trucks?


Yes, that is way high. Whether it is “stupid” high or not is for you to decide.

Have you searched the forum? There are data points galore for the Tacoma to indicate this is a terrible deal.

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I have my normal sales guy getting me numbers tomorrow. I’ll let you know what happens. I was hoping to get a monthly at 350 and only put 2500 down. Does that sound unreasonable?

In most instances you should be at that (or lower) with nothing 1st payment and drive off fees. You’re in Texas though so your payment will inevitably be higher since you’re paying sales tax on the entire sale price. Do a search of recent deals and if you can’t get what you want on your own I would suggest you consider contacting @Jrouleau426 and driving back from Philly.

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my new numbers
363 monthly
residual 23,987
factor .00255
cash down 2500
purchase # 32,730
MSRP 37,480
15k miles
47 months

what do y’all think? The monthly is $7 more than my 2017 Camry lease

Hard pass on $2,500 down and 47 months.

I should also add Texas tax’s are 2114

That’s beyond awful, how many dealers have you contacted?

4 and this is the best one yet. What part should I be Negotiating? I’m new to this. Thanks for the help guys. Going in Saturday to get the truck and I could use all the help I can get

Well don’t let anyone know that you will be going in on Saturday, they’ll think your desperate. I think you need to contact at least 4 more dealers. Also confirm the MF on edmunds.

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My other lease is up and have no choice but to go in the weekend.