Swapalease or Leasetrader? Consensus?

What is the consensus here on best value for listing? I hear a lot about SAL, not much about LT. Perhaps that answers my question, but before I move forward would love to get some more data.

My ideaology is, if your deal is really good, you shouldn’t have to pay to put it on one of those sites. You could put it here or on the brand’s forum and it should go.

Fair. I’ve tried and have gotten interest but still people want to negotiate, including on things like the Disposition Fee (which I have no control over). Compared to what I have seen on SAL, my deal seems pretty competitive (in fact from what I’ve seen here it is as well). But I guess for the forum users here, once a hacker always a hacker ;-).

So I’ll probably try one of these sites next week.

Good thought on the brand site. For MB, would that be MBworld.com or another one?

To be fair you are asking for 1000 above what you paid, and people here know how much you paid and are less inclined to take it over no matter what the payment is.

Yes mbworld would be a start.


I greatly prefer LeaseswApp at least from a shopping point of view.

Remember the guy who blasted @Ed_Churchward for doing the same? :smirk:

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Plus it seems to be a challenge to swap leases when MSDs are involved because there are so many leases on SAL and LT where incentives are offered (even with a higher monthly).

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Swapalease before Leasetrader IMO…Idk about now but LT used to have a rep for keeping tons of expired listings on their site

Try the forums and Craigslist first if you can afford to wait another week.

Thanks @max_g. I’m not in a hurry, so I’ll try the forums.

Here in Atlanta there aren’t that many lease transfer listings on CL, so I am not sure I want to wade into that pool. :slight_smile:

Tons of experience listing on Swapalease.

The amount of exposure you get on the site is monumental - way more than here or even on brand-specific forums.

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the person who is trying to get out of a lease is always at a disadvantage. That person is stuck in a contract and wants to get out and while the clock is ticking another payment is due.
Also, people who want to assume leases don’t want to have large upfront cost. Not only does your deal come with large upfront cost, you also want another $1000 + MSDs + you want someone to pay for transfer etc.
By the time you add it all up you’re looking at $6-7k + potentially shipping cost, depending on where that person is. Even at an attractive payment, many people either don’t have or don’t want to lay out that kinda cash, especially for a “used” car. I personally wouldn’t, even though I know it’s a good deal (minus the $1000 you’re trying to make :stuck_out_tongue:).

I can tell you from having dealt with SAL on may lease transfers, your hurdle is the large upfront cost. Many people don’t even understand MSDs. In addition, Mercedes isn’t going to facilitate the transfer of the MSDs that you are to receive as part of what you are asking. Once the transfer is done they will refund the new leasee the MSDs at the end of the lease but they’re not getting involved in you receiving the MSDs during transfer. So yes you’ll have a larger audience looking to assume a lease but your $6-$7k will disqualify 95% of them.

Lastly, you’re trying to make money on it, the LH community isn’t your audience.

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Makes sense @305Hackr. I was trying to align with the current prices and offer a decent discount from there for someone wanting a 2yr lease with a lot of miles. But i guess it doesn’t always come down to the actual deal; sometimes it’s the psychology around the deal.

i think you got a great deal on the car, but all you’re going to do by putting it on forums and SAL etc is burning time and then you’ll have to make another payment because the reality is you’ll have a hard time a) finding someone with that much cash sitting around and b) finding someone to meet your terms. If it was me, i’d be ecstatic if i found someone willing to put up the money and even offer to split the transfer cost to accelerate the deal which is going to be less than making another payment. But that’s just me, i want stuff done and move on with my life. On the bright side you won’t have to pay dispo fee which is brutal with Mercedes and one of the main reason why i don’t consider driving one and sticking with BMW.

Also, lets not forget, you getting a loaner from a dealer is a lot “safer” (in other words, there’s some sort of recourse if the car turns out to have an issue) than someone getting a car that was already a loaner and then driving by someone else and you don’t know how the car was treated. It’s just an added element of risk for the assuming party laying out $7k+

When you add it all up it gives you a bigger picture of the real situation. Hope that helps.

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Definitely try swapalease as much better exposure. I dont think leasetrader even gets half the crowd. You might even get lucky with a local party as well.

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Here is someone in a similar situation to yours (asking for a larger down payment), might be worth seeing how long they have had it up and what kind of response they have received.


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