Swapalease car after accident

Hi, I’m thinking of getting a 2018 Dodge Charger from swapalease.
The car looks fine, the only thing is that it had an accident. They guy said he had an accident and that he fixed everything (he said the insurance paid for all the fixing).

I checked on CarFax:

The accident details are:
Involving left front impact
Involving right rear impact
Involving left side impact
with another motor vehicle
Left side primarily damaged
Vehicle disabled
Vehicle towed
Airbag Deployment
Damage to left front
Damage to front
Damage to left side
Damage to left rear
Damage to roof

The car itself looks in a good condition, and without the guy told me about the accident I wouldn’t see anything.

The price is also very reasonable.

My concerns are:

  1. Safety: is it safe to drive my family in a car that had an accident.
  2. When return the car in the end of the lease - will I have to pay more? Will the wear and tears will be standard? or higher because of the accident?
    In case I get the car and pretty much have a normal use until the end of the lease - will I have to pay more? Or just the standard? Does the dealer must get the car back? (even though it had an accident)

Please advise.
Thanks a lot

Sounds like a major accident, possibly a roll over given roof and multiple sides damage. I would take it to a mechanic and or a dealer for an inspection at the current owners expense. If the car has been fully repaired and the paperwork is in order you should be fine.

Why would you even consider a car after a major accident that was probably a couple of grand away from being totaled? Is this the only 2018 Charger available anywhere?


Hi, thanks. They guy said somebody hit him in the side of the car in a traffic light. So basically I need to ask him to take it to his dealership for inspection? What paperwork should I ask him?
In other words - what exactly I should ask him? and what should I get?
Should I ask him before I run my credit application or after? (In case I’ll not get approved or something - I don’t want him to spend money, then if I’ll not get approved he spent money for no reason…)

It’s a nice car, good price

How much are you saving compared to clean ones? Post numbers , people will help your decision making. I would think it would be a no-go for most for the obvious reasons .

Sounds like a serious T-bone. I’ve been in such accidents in the past and honestly, those cars will never be the same. Over time you’ll deal with gremlins of different sorts. It should all still be covered under warranty and once you turn it in at lease end it won’t be your problem… but you’ll still have to deal with it.

Was there any frame damage? I’m surprised it wasn’t totaled.

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Here’s the thing: I have a good credit score - over 700, but very light activity (never had any loan / lease), so for Chrysler / US bank I consider tier 3 - which if I get a car just from the dealer the price would be ~$500 / month. Therefore I was looking at swapalease

Take a look at some of the videos from Samcrac on Youtube. You will be surprised how cars with unimaginable damages made to look as if they got into a minor fender bender.

Nice family car? It’s a Dodge. Shop around and get at least one without damage or get a new one.

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If you’re concerned about getting approval from those banks for a new lease… you’d still have to get approved by those same institutions on the swapalease.

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so you think you will beapproved for the same payment previous owner is paying when you take over?

Total Loss:
No total loss reported to CARFAX.

Structural Damage
Structural damage reported on …

Airbag Deployment
Airbag deployment reported on …

Odometer Check
No indication of an odometer rollback.

From what I understood when get a lease from somebody else you get his price - unless I’m wrong. This what I understood. I’d be happy to get clarification on this whether I’m right or wrong

From what I understood when swaping a lease the bank is much less strict - is it true?

You get the price he’s getting if the bank approves it. The bank still needs to approve it just like the individual who got that lease was approved.

The bank would look at you the same way they looked at the other leasee.

i don’t know for sure, that said, it does not make sense. From the bank’s perspective, risk of default is increasing and they would either deny the transfer or increase the interest rate.

Think of a lease transfer like buying a used car. You are inheriting any damage, repairs, wear and tear etc from the original owner. You should ask to see paperwork for any maintenance that was done previously in addition to all of the details around what was damaged, fixed/replaced etc on the car. Yes I would also want to see an inspection report prior to taking it. For all you know, the car now has problems that the owner isn’t disclosing to you. Do not submit a credit app until you are 100% confident the car is safe.

Unless you are getting an amazing deal, I suggest finding a different one. Even if the issues are covered under warranty, there would be a considerably inconvenience to you and possible they won’t always give you a loaner. Seems like significant damage and if you are going to entertain it, ask for documentation (aka body shop estimate) and pictures.

Keep in mind (and use it in your negotiation) that the accident kills your ability to buyout the car out including if you have positive equity as no dealer or savvy consumer would ever considering buying that car. For example, you start working from home and end up only putting a total of 20k miles on a 36k lease.

Seems like you are settling because of your credit situation which doesn’t seem to be the right move. I love Swapalease but can be frustrating as you have limited selection at any given time within driving distance. I suggest broadening your criteria or even taking a short term, lower priced lease to help build your credit history to give you more flexibility in the future. Instate transfer are definitely easier and in most scenarios the credit approval can be used for any lease transfer through that particular bank and not tied to any specific application.

There is a reason this guy is trying to get rid of the car. Unless he put a significant amount down initially I can’t imagine this is going to be a much better deal then getting a non-damaged one.
Post the link or at least the numbers.