Swap A Lease Question

Does anyone have a current membership with them that would be willing to help me get contact info of a seller on there? I can Venmo some money for the help.

You won’t pay $75 to SAL, but Venmo like $5(?) to someone here?

Yep that’s correct.

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Not going to pay $75 just to get a hold of the person to tell me sorry it’s already sold.

My guess is if anyone here will do it, it will be for free.

I would appreciate that if someone does, if not no worries.

What’s the actual deal on SAL? You;ll waste a lot more than $75 on a shitty lease.

$1.25 per mile?

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Where are you going with this?

He is saying it’s not a good deal.

I’d like to know the buyout price because it seems low for those numbers. If it is low I’d just buy it.

I don’t get the $x per mile thing I’ve seen people respond with. Unless you say $x should really be less than $y in the current market it’s pretty meaningless isn’t it? I was going to transfer a Cayenne GTS and someone made a comment like that but yet my lease price was significantly lower than the current going rate. $x per mile for a Porsche is going to be many multiples of $y per mile for a Civic - doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal though. I’m probably missing something so curious what people mean when they say that.

Oh for the record - I never claimed that leasing a Porsche is budget friendly haha… it simply isn’t… at all.

It’s more of a “pay to play” type of measurement. When you say $1.25mile on an F150 that isn’t really all that special you can compare it to $2 on a Porsche and think hmm is it worth this much premium to drive X vs Y.

I paid over $3 a mile over the entire term on my BMW lease.

I got > 20% off MSRP, and by all measures it was a strong lease.

I just don’t put on many miles.

Using $/mile as a reference point is even less useful than the 1% “rule.”

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You may have ended up paying that much per mile, but since you use this site I presume you sure as heck didn’t sign up for a lease that cost that much per mile. Big difference comparing limited use by choice vs contractually limited use.

I knew exactly what the lease was going to cost, and I knew how about how many miles I’d put on over the term.

So I’m not sure what you mean.

No one pays for a lease by the mile anyway. It was worth $X to me to have exactly the car I wanted to drive for 3 years.

If I used up all of the miles I wouldn’t consider the lease a better or a worse value. And leasing 30% of the car for 70% less money wasn’t an option. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the messages, someone sent me his info yesterday afternoon!