SUVs with 360 camera?

I’m looking to lease my next two row SUV (small to mid sized) and would like the 360 degree camera as a feature.

I see many offer this but only on the highest trim levels. I’m hoping for a monthly payment around $500 or less. Any recommendations on vehicles that would fit the bill?

You can probably get a Volvo 2019 XC60 T5 with advanced package (don’t remember what package includes 360 camera on 2018) for around $500.

Just got an '18 Murano SL that has it and my monthly is <$400. It’s also available on the SV with Premium Package and the Platinum trim.

Infiniti QX60 and 50

Acura mdx and rdx advanced trim

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Limited RAV4.

Nissan Rogue SV has most likely have to get tech package.

I wish I can find a 2019 Acura RDX Advance pkg for $500 / month.
Still very constrained ??

I would say very hard. Even basic one got quotes for nearly 520 tax and fees all in.

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Wow, thru a broker for an AWD Advance pkg (top of the line) for $525 is amazing!

Maybe a good sign for those waiting for one!

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Terrain Denali may work for you.

Got my wife an Acadia Denali. She loves it, tech is great. Not a lease, so not sure how it prices out. Incentives on purchase were really good, got 18% off so we pulled out the checkbook.