SUV options for about $350 a month

Hey Hackrs, wondering what my options around for a SUV for around $350. 3rd row a nice to have. Wife wants headed steering wheel and adaptive cruise control. Any options at the moment?

I hear infiniti qx60 is leasing well this month

+1 Qx60 will fall in this price range very nicely

You aren’t going to get one with all of those features for 350 a month though

Yeah was looking at the QX60, only issue is the nearest dealership is over 2 hours away.

A qx60…really? Any recent deal info?

You will not get those options at that price. SUVs are selling well

I have been trying to hack a QX60 deal the last few days and in my area (NC) the dealers will discount to 15% on purchase but not on lease, so lease costs have been in the upper 400s for QX60 base FWD.

What about a highlander/Santa Fe/Sorento? The highlander might not have a heated steering wheel at that point, but could you swing something like a XLE? Kia and Hyundai have ok RV and lease cash, but don’t seem to lease well.

I’m also in this market for a midsize SUV. Would love to get something with leather, panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled seats and some driver assist features. Been waiting for a deal for a few months, cants seem to find anything…

Santa fe sport ultimate package

Can a Jeep Grand Cherokee be had at this price?

A loaded Kia Sorento can be had for $350 a month. There is a lot of lease cash behind it and also the first dealer I spoke to was willing to go $2,000 below invoice without even pushing him. I suspect they would go further. Interested to hear what others have experienced.

The Nissan Pathfinder SL can be had for about $399 a month, that is going $1,500 below invoice. I am sure you could get them to $2k below. Perhaps June will bring better numbers.

I think the Santa Fe Sports have pretty terrible RV, unless they are throwing a lot of lease cash at the deal. Sorento is on the list, what about the Muranos?havent seen much on them? No 3rd row but a lot of options.

RDX AWD base @ 3k down + 334 monthly(including car maintenance). is this a good deal? if not can i back out? i signed today.

considering I have a deal for 315 + tax w/ 1479 due at signing Im going to say it wasn’t good at all. You can’t back out

please help me what are my options, can i go back and renegotiate? is acura car maintenance package for 3 years really worth the difference?

It really isn’t worth it