SUV Lease deals under $500/month TN


Hi all, has anyone had any success securing a lease in the Southeast for under $500 on an SUV max 3500’ish down. Hoping not to get an EV but open to Mazda if I need the discount to achieve this $. I’m having some conversations of my own and am getting Toyota down on a Highlander but it’s still over what I want to spend.

Definitely go through @Jrouleau426 for anything toyota

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Pathfinder with @AutoCompanion would be gas only and be under $500.

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I saw that deal on their google doc. Was hoping for Toyota, Ford… but I will talk to them about it. I’ve not had a Nissan since my high school ride which was a 2000 Nissan Quest ha

Worth a quick test drive locally (“on my lunch break, limited time can’t talk numbers”) but they’ve come a long way since your quest.

Need to find out from @AutoCompanion if it’s captain chairs or bench. Need 3 accessible rows. But that’s a good idea. I’m a good lunch break warrior.

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Remaining 2024 Pilots are $4-5,000+ off across multiple regions.

This or close to it should be achievable locally.

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In TX, I found a few dealers discounting Jeep GC L limiteds making it ~$500/mo.

Not sure how much space you need. But if midsize is good and you want to stick with Mazda, how about a CX5? They can be had for wayy under 500, and its made in Japan. The CX90 you can probably do for at or around 5

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Thanks we are chatting now

Yeah definitely want that third row for kids but I’m open to the cx90

Last December I tried to get into a GC L lease but couldn’t get them to go below $6k down payment to get around 500 so we passed. I really liked the vehicle though

Dont get anything Chrysler unless you wanna spend most of your time in the shop