Supra Potential July Program - Rumor

GM informed me that possibly the rebate may hit $5,000 next month for purchase and money factor of .00056 from .00120

Not sure if it is accurate but I am open to buy.

Eyeing one for myself if this holds true next month! $43k from 56k.

Toyota brokers chime in!


The bigger question is how will it compare with the Z4 lease.

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@joeblogs good comparison. The problem with my state is a 6% tax on full purchase price. So a Z4 lease will be north of $500 no matter how much of a good discount you can negotiate.

I am hoping the depreciation on the Supra won’t be much and a PenFed Payment Saver could make this a sweet deal!

I haven’t read up enough on the Supra, but at a quick glance it seems like allot badge engineering, but if you can get it for less than the Bimmer, more power to you. It doesn’t really give the vibe of the past Supra, it’s Bimmer everywhere you look as far parts and pieces and where it’s built. I’m not sure how much influence Toyota had other than the body.

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Did not know PenFed did the payment savor option…I have been using Congressional Federal for the payment saver option.



What’s so special about these rates? Seems like most banks would be similar, if not better.

It’s a balloon loan

Not bad OP! Let’s take a look:

Assume premium 2020 supra, MSRP: $56,900; 2 years 10k miles; Assume a 9.2% off MSRP pre incentive price plus $5,000 rebate; total sales price of $46,665; MF: .00056; RV: 66%; dealer fee $299; No MSD.

$444 pre tax

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If the rumor is true you couldn’t use the rebate and special MF. It would be one or other


Very nice OP - been looking to pick one of these up myself! What incentives and rebates are there that carry over on a lease in comparison to finance.

Also, forgive my ignorance, but what is this penfed payment saver!? I just took a quick look and am very interested

Hope the rumor is true :crossed_fingers:.

I doubt it. Toyota doesn’t give the dealer the info that far ahead and they don’t talk about mf.

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let us know if it comes to fruition. I have some friends eager to buy supras

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I would almost certainly trade my F80 M3 on a supra premium if the rebates hit $5k

Makes sense they’ll need incentives to move the 2020’s since the 2021 has significantly more horsepower.

I was reading an article the other day about the supra and the testers seemed to feel that they could not tell a significamt difference in the power between the two years. I wonder if some actual dyno tests will come out and show that the original rating was a bit of a numbers game to stay away from the Z4?

The Supra is getting great reviews, and Toyota claims they did a lot of work tuning the suspension, chassis, etc. Sure it’s not an old Supra, but that Supra wasn’t as good stock when it was released than everyone now remembers after the F&F movies.

No, it’s actually getting the updated BMW engine. Car and driver tested 43hp more on a dyno comparing a 2020 to 2021 Supra Back to back