Supposedly "Once in a Lifetime" Yukon deal

This is an old one, but I figured I might help today.

2013 GMC Yukon Denali AWD.
MSRP of just over $61,000.
Took delivery in January of 2014.
48 mos w/ 12,000 mpy.
$5,000 down.
I paid roughly $9750 below msrp.

Monthly Payment: $545 p/m.

I just recently bought out the lease (fell in love with the car). I told my dealer that I’m thinking about giving the car to my son for graduation next year. I asked him if he sees being able to swing a similar deal on a new one. He laughed and said I’ll never see a Denali Yukon below $600 p/m again. When I bought he said I got an excellent price for the vehicle. I went into it from a Lincoln Navigator which was about the same p/m, so I was happy overall anyway.

I know this deal is old, and that’s all the info I have, but if you have any new information, or found this somehow useful, I’d love to know!

All deal was done in PA w/ 9% tax rate.

$5k and $545/month for a $61k Yukon doesn’t sound anywhere close to a great deal, especially for 48 months. At least you love the SUV.


That’s what I was thinking Jon…$5,000 downpayment and 48 months, WOW! Can’t believe the salesman laughed, would have thought he would have been happy to work another “deal” like that!

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Salesman was hoping to score a European vacation as the original deal was only good enough to get the family to Orlando.

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To OP, you sound like someone I know. Do you happen to work near Plymouth Meeting?

BTW, your deal wasn’t a great deal. It was a great deal for the salesman.

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Ha for the salesman. Love that Part

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Oh boy, once in a lifetime? On a leftover 2013 after the 14s had already been out for 5 months?

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No, I’m near the Clarks Summit area