Suggestions on upgrading our current vehicle

My wife currently has a Subaru Forester, but we are looking to possibly upgrade to a bigger vehicle with more room. She does not like the Subaru Ascent. I was thinking about maybe a Grand Highlander Hybrid. We are looking to lease a vehicle in the $400-500 per month range. Do you have any other suggestions for a vehicle? Thank you. She also doesnt want an eletric vehicle

Do you mean effective $400–500/mo?

I don’t think a Grand Highlander Hybrid is going to fall into that range. I don’t think anything outside of an EV (Kia EV9?) is going to fall into your target range.

A Palisade/Telluride might be just beyond that range?


$400/500 per month for a 3 row suv?

Step one: Build a time machine


Get a QX60


I guess I’ll try to get qx60 lol

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You are in NJ right? Make sure to use MSDS

Idk about $400-500 per month but check them out.

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Aronchi has them for mid 400s with no loyalty

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Thank you :pray:

Thank you i appreciate it

Oh, I keep forgetting Infinitis exist (no, seriously)… :grimacing:

Mid 5’s right? Should we not stay consistent and speak in terms of effective payment?

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It would help for OP to specify if they meant effective $400–500 or if they meant $400–500 + inceptions and any MSDs.

If it’s the latter, perhaps a CX-90 might also work? It’s not solely electric…

Yeah i meant $400–500 + inceptions and any MSDs.

Thank you :wink:

$899 doc $500 govt and I’m sure there’s broker fees too right? Ouch

with first and MSD, my deal is thousands cheaper than what you offer, thanks. Also - you are violating your dealer agreement by posting below invoice deals in a public forum.


The only thing keeping you a few deals here and there are me not posting deals publicly on any posts here.

I wonder why your dealer had less than 50 total cars delivered including their showroom sales last mo and my queens store alone finished #1 to #3 in the country this past 6 mos.

Btw our group took over the queens store just about 6 mos ago and Massapequa store two months ago.

I advise you to stop making false statements, accusations and indirect trash talk to people. You have no clue about our stores and if anything with new management and staff, reputation is all what we are about.

Most of the members who bring your #s to me to beat says that you’re wrong about us lol. Whatever that means :man_shrugging:

Lastly, what offer are you talking about? Curious to see how many thousands you are cheaper