Suggestions for New Jag F-pace lease vs finance (NJ)

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum and looking for suggestions on Jaguar F-pace lease Vs Finance. Unable to find any relevant threads lately as most are from 2020/21 on these trucks. Is it because they don’t have favorable lease terms in NJ and across?

History: Leased a 2017 F-pace right after it came out for around $700/month on 39month/12k and then turned in towards end and switched to 2020 evoque first edition lease and eventually did a lease buyout but looking for something different to drive in but the market doesn’t seem to have any deals on these trucks. Also noted many dealers no longer sell Jaguars as I guess Jaguar is streamlining and going full EV by 2025. Thinking of signing Jaguar F-pace lease would be nice as I’m covered for another 5 years of maintenance especially with LR everything is out of pocket.

My dealer told Jag offers 2.9% up to 60 months on Finance until Jan 2nd, 2024 which is more favorable than lease but they are very quiet on any incentives. Appreciate if anyone can give some pointers/deals around this topic so I can look at the possible options. Happy to pay broker fee if there are good deals on Jag Face. Evaluating other brands depending on the suggestion but thinking of X5 as my next choice.