Suggestions for full size truck lease in Las Vegas, NV

Hello everyone , first post so please excuse any lack of knowledge or improper posting etiquette.
So I come to the experts for advice as I’ve been doing research for a few months behind the scenes .

I’m currently planning on leasing my next vehicle , I plan on trading in my current car (2011 Cts-v , not under the water but don’t expect much equity when I trade) for a Full size truck , I’ve decided I’m fine with a base crew cab 4x4 , my main choices would be a Tundra or Ram .

Now my questions start as ,

1.does anyone have any recommendations to get the best deal while living in Las Vegas , I see virtually no great deals coming out of this city on the forums , which worries me , I plan on purchasing towards end of month December my credit score is around 730 .

  1. Another concern please excuse me I’m young and dumb , but I just purchased a new home to close December 12th is this going to affect my chances of leasing ?

  2. So main question does anyone think it’s going to be possible to negotiate a lease on examples tundra crewmax SR5 4x4 5.7l , or a decently loaded Ram big horn for under $350 a month with a first months payment down , no MSD situation , without going to the northeast ?

I’m open to any other suggestions for different brands that may lease better. My main concern is my location

Thank you for your help hackrs.

I’ve had better luck going down to California than anything in Vegas. If you don’t want to drive it back there are a number of shippers who will do so for a few hundred bucks. Same can be said with the northeast though. In my mind, if I’m shipping a car it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from.

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In all likelihood your mortgage originator will pull your credit again before you close.

Any new credit inquiries will require a written explanation. When they see an auto inquiry they will ask if you’ve taken on a car loan or lease since your mortgage application, and when you say yes they will recalculate your DTI to include your new lease payment.

If your DTI is already tight for mortgage qualification the new debt payment could get your mortgage approval withdrawn.

Don’t take on any new credit/debt before your mortgage closes without discussing the potential impact with your loan officer. Many advise not even applying for new credit within close proximity to getting a mortgage, but the specifics matter a lot as to what the impact could or will be.

Yes I definitely plan on getting it after I get the keys for the house and the loan is all finalized and my current payment on my Cadillac is $587 so my DTI should go down I was just concerned they wouldn’t even want to give me a lease since I just went through the whole loan process . But thank you for answering my question !!

As far as driving to California I have no issues with that I was just concerned I couldn’t get a lease since I wasn’t a California resident , but if that’s the case I’m more than willing to take the trip . A major factory is trading in my current car which is the main reason I’m not taking the flight to northeast lol .