Suggestions for a car under $30k

I am looking to finance (maybe lease if it’s a good deal) a car under 30k OTD. My top wants in order are reliability, tech/comfort (CarPlay, power seats, heated seats, etc…), and power. I’m mostly interested in sedans but if there is a good SUV I’m not opposed to it. Good resale/residual value is also kind of important. Ultimately, I am trying to keep my monthly car budget under $800 (including insurance, car payment, and gas). I drive maybe ~500 miles per month.

The cars that I have been thinking are the Mazda 3 or the Hyundai Elantra N Line. My only gripe with the Mazda is the lack of a touch screen, otherwise I think the exterior and interior is really nice. The N Line has a lot more tech to offer and the digital touch panel looks awesome. But my issue with Hyundai is despite their great warranty, I’ve heard getting service is a nightmare through them, and being in NYC I think is a disadvantage.

What other vehicles am I missing out on that could be better than these two above at that price range (also I refuse to pay markup so I’m cool traveling a bit to pick up a vehicle)?

Look into an Altima. Particularly an SR or SV for 18-mo leases.

At least 2 brokers in northeast with offers.

Seems like a crazy deal that ALN has and for 18 months too, never seen such a short lease. But I really don’t want to be a part of a potential CVT issue again.

For 18 mo and under full warranty, is it really a big concern though?

If you’re looking to buy and are concerned about resale… isn’t the Hon/Toy line basically it for under $30k?

If you’re leasing and $800/mo is your limit including gas/insurance… seems like you might get more play.

What else are you looking for style wise?

I’d love to get a Honda either Civic or Accord but I can’t find one without markup. I was able to get the Hyundai N Line at sticker with a $31.9k OTD. But I don’t know if I can do better than this, especially paying $30k for an Elantra. I’m really just looking for a sedan that is slightly sporty and has good tech.

My brother just worked a deal in Bergen County for an Altima AWD for 7.5% off. Not sure about the CVT, but for the $ it’s a good bridge car until the market normalizes a bit. I’m his case getting his daughter to freshman year in college.

Subaru Legacy

If you don’t mind buying used, a 2020 and up Subaru Impreza WRX might suit your taste. I’ve seen quite a few starting in the mid 20s with around 10,000 miles. Alternatively, a new Impreza starts under $20K. Not sure Subaru tech will be up to your expectations, though. Why is that so important to you? It’s the least most important thing in any car to me.