Suggestion to add a required donation to post a private lease transfer


It seems that there has been a recent recent rash of brand new users trying to dump their leases on this forum. Multiple people have signed up over the last 1-2 days and posted their mediocre lease deals they are trying to get out of.

Is there some sort of advertisement out there to jump on leasehackr and rid yourself of your lease? I just can’t understand the recent spike other than coincidence.

Or is it because there’s no charge on LH, therefore free advertisement like Craigslist, only with a larger audience?

Perhaps, since the major lease swapping sites require a fee to post, LH should require a donation to post deals. It may help keep down on the clutter of mediocre/bad deals people are trying to rid themselves of, while also helping keep the lights on for those looking to get rid of legit decent deals.



It really does not bother me. Sometimes I feel bad for the dudes in bad leases.



well, if you can’t compare with those bad deals, how would you know you are getting awesome deals using leasehackr? :slight_smile:



Common sense?

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Your idea of common sense may differ from another person

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common sense is not that Common!



what is common sense? Based on the Election I’d say that is Donald Trump



The whole point of this site is to get a good deal. I’m not sure why lease transfers should get a pass. Sure, they’re most likely not going to get any takers, but it clutters the forum, and just causes 800 people to pile on how bad the deal is.

It just doesn’t seem very productive to me, and counter to what the main intent of the site is.



I find the people asking for deals to be WAY more annoying. That really clutters up the forum.

The real money generator is fees from the brokers and people looking for spoon-fed deals.

Honker got a 15mm investment from IAC. I suggest the founder of this forum to get started on a APP that competes with Honcker



I have noticed an increase in especially bad deals as well lately.



I cant understand the recent spike either. Some of these posters don’t even know if they are allowed to do a lease transfer. Also, I think its because the majority of these posters seem this to be as a way to skip the $200-$300 charge that they would have to pay at swapalease or



Maybe break lease transfers off into a separate category so it doesn’t crowd the marketplace.

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I personally hate clicking on a “deal” only to find out it is a transfer.



This will kill the private deals all together.

A separate section that does not intertwine with other sales in the marketplace would be the best bet.

Besides watching those threads go down in flames is kind of entertaining. :smile:

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Yeah but then no fun when it gets closed before we join the party. I have missed out on so many of em



How about we rename the site to

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For a second I thought the d was an “H”