Suggestion regarding c40 recharge vs Tesla Model y


Hey guys, need some help with this big question. Tesla model y vs volvo c40 recharge. This might have been asked already but I couldn’t find a question or a thread.
There are pros and cons to both and there are lovers/haters for both, I just want to get some feedback.

I want to buy ev as my second car and I have to buy it before August.

Price of Tesla model y - $49500 (excluding tax and fees) - $7500 incentive = $$
Price of Volvo c40 ultimate - $62700 - $7420 (dealer discount) - $10000 (Costco+ev rebate)= $45280

I will be buying tesla vs leasing Volvo here to get fed incentives.
I test drive Hyundai Ioniq 5 as well but hard to find ultimate trim with ioniq 5 which is equivalent to both tesla and volvo in terms of features and no one is giving discount on those.
I want to stick in that price range of max $50000

Please share your suggestions on which looks better. Buying a tesla model y vs leasing a Volvo c40 for 3 years and see how industry is scaling up after 3 years.

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