Suggestion needed to lease small car under $150 per month

My current lease with infiniti is up in a few months and I will be in need to get another car. However, I can’t afford another infiniti with over $2xx monthly charge at this point and thinking to either buy a used car or lease something cheap. Do you guys have any recommendation for me to look around ?

My inifiniti RV is so high that even the dealers are not willing to buy the car from me although it has 12K less miles than what It supposed to be at the end of the lease. I wish if I can return it asap and get a cheaper car however infiniti does not lease cheap car that fit into my $150 budget. I think, I have to return it and pay the disposition fee too.

Since Nissan and Infiniti are brothers, I am not sure if I can return it and lease a cheap Nissan and don’t pay lease disposition fee?

Not sure about the lease disposition fee part, but for $150 you could look into Jetta, Elantra, Corolla, Forte, Cruz, Sentra…and etc. Any of these cars would be a big downgrade from your Infiniti though.

Turo it for the rest of the lease. If u have cash, buy a reliable used car till thing are more stable. Dont get in to another lease. Just my advice.

buy a reliable used car till thing are more stable. Dont get in to another lease. Just my advice.

Sorry I have not been in the market for a long time. What kind of unsuitability you are referring to?
can I buy a reliable used car with $8K ?

and none of them will be $150 without some upfront $

hmm, if cost or budget is a concern, maybe buying a reliable used car and keeping it for a while is the way to go. With any new car, lease or purchase, you will take up the initial depreciation.

VW is pretty aggressive right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the jetta would get you there, it’s an outgoing model and is a really decent car for the money. I got two of them in 2016 for $150/mo with just first at signing. Get the VW partner discount or say you have it and shop some dealers, it’s fairly easy to get, join USA cycling or other organizations.

Oh and I’ve tried the used thing and gotten screwed by repairs, I don’t care what kind of used car you get, they all can break. The nice thing about a new car lease is all you have to worry about is the payment and gas, no expensive repairs.

Plus the all new Jetta is coming so they’ll be blowing out the current ones soon.

For a lease I’m not sure what you could even get. Most will be above $150. The only ones I’ve heard of lately even close are the base GMC Terrain, which is actually pretty nice, but still a bit more than $150, and the Buick Encore deals.

If you’re looking at used check out these really good videos