Success South florida BMW X2 1K DAS $253 tax in 24/10k

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thanks everyone for all the info that you all always post in this forum this is my 4th hack… i think this deal could’ve been a little better but I achieved my initial goal which was $1k das $250 a month tax in didn’t wanted to push any further this one is for my sister! They did made money on appearance protection :joy: And special thanks to @Bostoncarconcierge @viper689 @aronchi @Jon @gc2a @vdr for giving me the extra motivation to make this possible!!

2018 X2 sdrive28i fart car
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

MSRP: $40245
Selling Price: $31839 before incentives
$26339 after after $5500 incentives
Monthly Payment: $253(includes 7% FL TAX
Cash Due at Signing: $1000
Incentives: $4750 lease cash plus $750 conquest

Annual Mileage:10k
Residual: don’t remember

Leasehackr Score:


I dont remember helping anyone recently, so I had to check your history posts to see why I got tagged. Congrats on the X2, it’s much better than the other unicorns we showed you. None of the current BMW deals were anywhere near your goal back in Feb.

PS, you could have saved even more if you would have waived the acq fee.

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Trust me i tried but finance manager was not budging i have no clue why! I kept telling him dealership wont lose anything he was like what if you are wrong then you have to comeback to re do the paperwork …

Probably closed couple of his threads :grin:


Nope negative :joy:

Hey good job man, I’m always happy to get proven wrong! But see, you didn’t need a broker to get the numbers you wanted. Well done!

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Ah the smell of farts in a black interior in the Florida sun. The stuff hackr dreams are made of.

Nicely done!


Can anyone please confirm if fart car with 3182 farts will be eligible for bmwcca rebate?


Only fartless cars

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Yay! A FL BMW deal!

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Hey what dealership did you get this at? This is a demo car? I’m in sunny isles.

From the plate frame…looks like Autonation.

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Looking for something similar, also in SF if anyone can help.


The windows on the dealership have a decal that gives the dealer away

Yes…Delray beach. They must not be making the same type of deals as the best they offered me was 20% off MSRP including all incentives :frowning:

Went t Braman today and they didn’t get close to this deal

Nice deal. I was at Delray BMW the other day looking at loaner X2s and couldn’t get them lower than $350/mo on a 36/10 with $1500 at signing. Went and got a brand new 2019 Volvo S60 instead, for $369/mo. The manager at BMW said he’d rather put the car back into loaner status than take more off the price.

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24/10 would have likely been cheaper than 36/10

I would have told him he should plan to buy it a birthday cake.

I have no problem with dealers not accepting my offer, but I strongly dislike statements like this. Inevitably they don’t mean it or even can’t do what they’re saying. Just say “no, thank you” and leave it at that.


That’s a good one! I’m going to remember that line :slight_smile: