Subleasing 2019 Toyota Mirai ($300/month) Bay Area


Subleasing my just leased 2019 Mirai

Lease date : Mar 22 (Still within a month)
No. of miles driven (~100)

Lease Terms:
12k miles annual
36 months
2500 DAS
$300/ month
35 months still left on lease.

15K Hydrogen fuel card not used yet
21 days of free rental car. 7 dys per year

Have to let go as I need 5+ seater.


Is this through TFS? If so, you can’t transfer within the first 60 days of the lease.


Yes… Thanks for the information


Are you covering the TFS transfer fee, if any?


Monthly includes tax? What is the term you want for someone to take over? What rental company for the 21 days? Thanks.


Yes Monthly includes tax. The total lease term left (34 months left). You can rent from any Toyota Mirai dealer.