SubaruHQ March leases

Hey everybody,

My name is Henrique.We are a Subaru dealership in MA. We do mostly MA and RI but we can do other nearby states like CT,NY but you will need to come in to sign and the registration process will take longer than usual.

All deals are worked at 36mo/10k a year. with $1,400 plus first payment(doc, acq, reg). if outside of MA or RI reg could be higher.
DAS can be configured however you want. Only thing required at signing is first payment.

Best way to reach me is through a PM on here.
Please INCLUDE model and trim. Option packages if any and how many miles a year

I have gotten a couple inquiries on XT Outbacks. Just a heads up, this is not a car that we are blowing out. I can get you a good deal on one But its not going to be anything crazy- far from any “hack”

Changes for March-
Residuals have gone up but so have MFs. Some leases end up being about the same as before but some do work out to be a bit better.

Here are a couple scenarios.

2020 Outback limited with roof/nav/heated steering wheel.
MSRP$ 37,200
Drive off:$1,400+First
Miles: 10k
MF: 0.00055

2020 Legacy Premium w/ blind spot,push start,LED fogs, roof and Nav
Monthly: $312+tax
Drive Off: $1,400+first

2020 Forester Premium w/ blind spot
Drive off:$1,400+first
Miles: 10k
MF: 0.00145

2020 Forester Limited
Drive off:$1,400+first
Miles: 10k
MF: 0.00125

Looking for Subaru 3 Yr Lease of Forester, We are in Boston, MA, can we discuss some deal. Email us the option

  • Ravi

Do you have anything for the 2020 Outback Onyx trim? Thanks

will shoot you a PM soon.

But to be straight up, XTs are not being discounted heavily like regular outbacks

Can I get pricing on a Cross Trek Hybrid?

Hi Henrique, im in NY and looking for a fully equipped Subaru Legacy Sport in black w, moon roof and blind spot detection. 0 DAS, 10k miles, 36m. Let me know what type of lease deal you can put together. Email me at thanks.

Hi ,
Do you have numbers for Legacy base version?
RI registration
will 36 months and 10K miles.
Appreciate your quick response.