Subaru wrx sti lease questions

Hello, whats the mf, residual and lease credits for a wrx sti basic 36/12k zip 92335.


Ask on Edmunds. Add “Edmunds MF” to the model name in Google to find the appropriate place

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thanks for the reply, I saw some posts from months back. Curious if any hackrs had any info for this month?

It’s probably bad, mediocre and none like always. Subaru doesn’t have to subsidize STi leases.


If you are dead-set on one, you should purchase it


Prior month’s incentives/residual/MF are only useful and relevant then - they change every month.


MF: 0.0010

10k Residual: 59%

PM me for a quotation

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Strong STi deal if someone wants it. I got 460-480/mo plus tax in calculator - sound about right? Score about 7 years.

$18,000 over three years to beat the snot out of an STI isn’t a great lease compared to a bunch of other choices, but if the heart wants what the fart wants, you could do much worse.