Subaru website 12k miles/year

Thanks Sweet, will wait for his reply.

A compact SUV at $300+/mo is very different than a mid sized SUV at $250/mo

What are your actual needs here as far as a vehicle and a budget?

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If mid size at $250/month, works for me. DAS is 1500-2000. Any SUV from Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Volvo etc. Thanks a lot

Usually the way this is supposed to work is you decide on what your needs are and narrow down a model and then build what that offer should like through independent research. Once you know what the incentives, money factor, residual value, and realistic dealer discounts are then you can email dealers within your acceptable distance to see if any would accept your offer.

This isn’t really a machine where you input your query of “any suv under 250” and then we spit out a list of deals and where to find find them.

Do you have specific questions in relation to understanding how a lease is constructed or broken down? Once you review leasing 101, we can help you on anything you may not understand.


Dear @StingerTT I completely understand the difference between spoon fed and self chewing mechanism. The options I gave are my interest of vehicles. I know we are still far from a future where we will just input the data we like and it will spit out. Just look at TSLA how they revolutionized the auto and space industry. We will be there one day. Thanks for being Trusted Hackr and your humble feeds.

Do u have Subaru outback onyx?