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Dear LH, I am interested in leasing Subaru Forester, Premium trim. While searching the sugaru website. I found the following details about leasing

2020 Forester

Lease a new 2020 Forester for $265/Month

Now through July 31, 2020

Offer Details

Now through July 31, 2020 Lease a new 2020 Forester for $265/Month on a 36-Month Lease (Standard Forester trim, code LFB-01). $2,465 due at lease signing. $0 security deposit.

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MSRP $25,505 (incl. $1,010 freight charge). Net cap cost of $23,180 (incl. $595 acq. fee). Total monthly payments $9,540. Lease end purchase option is $15,303. Must take delivery from retailer stock by July 31, 2020. Other leases available on other trim levels. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, direct/email offer or promotional offer unless allowed by that offer. Special lease rates extended to well-qualified buyers. Subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval & vehicle availability. Not all buyers may qualify. Payments may be higher in some states. Net cap cost & monthly payment excludes tax, license, title, registration, retailer fees, options, insurance & the like. Retailer participation may affect final cost. At lease end, lessee responsible for vehicle maintenance/repairs not covered by warranty, excessive wear/tear, 15 cents/mile over 12,000 miles/year and $300 disposition fee. Lessee pays personal property and ad valorem taxes (where applies) & insurance. Offer not available in Hawaii. See participating retailer for details.

How should I approach the dealers.
It’s clearing stated “Now through July 31, 2020 Lease a new 2020 Forester for $265/Month on a 36-Month Lease (Standard Forester trim, code LFB-01). $2,465 due at lease signing. $0 security deposit.”

Thanks for your help

Hey there so dealer/manufacturer ads at best are meant to be confusing and are not usually very good “deals” at all. At worst they are predatory and absolutely a bait and switch! This isn’t the latter but it’s certainly not a “deal” either. Best thing you can do is read leasing 101 here, then start checking out incentives, MF, RV for the Forester all the knowledge you will gain will help you calculate what a good deal would be. You’re in NJ / NY so there are are a TON of Subaru dealers for you to try and work with once you have your target price. Also have you driven the base Forester? It’s pretty bare bones.

No, it doesn’t clearly state that.

Spend your time reading through the leasing101 section here and get as educated as possible on what goes into a good lease, what makes a good lease, etc

And then forget you saw the manufacturer ad as you should be able to do better.

Thank you @mllcb42 @chrishs2000 @54YHUPIER. I will read 101 guideline and follow. I just prefer to get mid size SUV around 250/month no matter what model or made. Will try to learn more

That’s a tough price point. Keep in mind that this deal is nowhere near that. By the time you roll in the das and all the missing fees/taxes/etc this offer is for $400ish /mo.

Thanks @mllcb42 I saw recent post on Mazda from one of the broker and he hasCX30 and CX5 only for $214/month. I hope there is no additional $$$ once I sign the deal. I DM him and he hasn’t replied yet, but will it seems some dealers have compact SUV under $250. Hope I am not reading it wrong.

You really need to understand leasing. Don’t ever say things like “I hope there’s no more money”.

Leasing is made up of what you pay up front, what you pay monthly, and lastly any fees you pay when returning the car. (Such as disposition, damages and mileage overage). Adding up all of those costs is the price of your lease, divided by months.

You could get a Porsche Macan for $250 if you wanted to pay $25000 down. That doesn’t make it a good deal. Dealer advertisements include a bare minimum discount and upfront cash to lower the costs.

I would educate yourself first on those points then decide if you just want the cheapest vehicle. A broker can do the work for you to get you as close to that budget if you just want a base SUV with 4 wheels and nothing else.

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Can you find a link from the broker on this?

There is no such thing as a 214 dollar a month X5 with nothing DAS.

@StingerTT Here is the link: X5 is 248 and X30 is 214.

@Cyberdemon No offense. I never said $0 DAS and never mentioned ““I hope there’s no more money”.

May be noob here but not that stupid. Thanks for help

@Cyberdemon @StingerTT If you guys know any such deal for a compact SUV in the range of $25o with $1500-2000 DAS. Please guide me to the right direction. I am here to seek help to close a deal and not offend anyone. Thanks LH community for all the efforts.

You did actually.

Are you talking about a CX-5?

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Must be. I edited his posts to avoid future confusion.

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Reach out to other brokers.

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NYClifes Mazda deals are only for 10k miles without taxes included. So for a base CX5 with taxes rolled in you’re probably looking closer to $275 w/ around $2000 down plus the $399 broker fee.

The CX30 is in that range but you need to confirm if you can get by with 10k or need 12k per year or more. The Subaru deal you posted would end up closer to $5000 DAS which is why I bring up these points.

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Thanks for correcting @BoardWalkNJ

Will do that.

@Cyberdemon Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I am ready for CX30, 10k should be fine. If Subaru has such a high DAS than I can move to any other compact SUV. Thanks a lot for understanding.

Hi, Quentin @nyclife is on break until today. He’ll be responding and updating his programs soon. However, just speaking from a general perspective, June was a prettier month for leasing.

I don’t know what happened to Mazda programs, but you’ll have to contact him for updated pricing.

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