Subaru Legacy Lease Deal - Any Good?

My first time leasing and here’s what I got for the first offer on a 2020 Subaru Legacy Premium for a 36/12 lease, $0 down w/ drive offs and monthly payment to include tax. I live in CA 93933 zip code. Don’t think it’s great, but I also know Subarus don’t lease well. Let me know what you think. He’s supposed to be sending over a contract (probably not until tomorrow) so I can see everything, but this is all I’ve got so far:

MSRP $25,895
Cap cost 24,794 (we added an optional package of $1000, so total price of car was $26,895, & he couldn’t go lower than this)
Costco discount (he said was $800 under invoice and listed invoice as 25,594 which seems odd, but may be correct)
$500 Trade in for a 2006 Hyundai Sonata V6 3.3L w/ 171,150 miles (which seems low)
MF: .00050 , Res 55%, Incentive $250 dealer cash (Edmunds as of 7/24/20)

He first offered $329.89/mo including tax w/ $800 in drive offs (1st mo + DMV reg)

I asked about the $250 Dealer Cash & said I was looking at closer to $300/mo. He came back w/ $320.59/mo and said putting in the $250 was how he got there.

Thoughts please!

sorry! tax rate here is 9.25%

You may want to check the Marketplace for comparable deals. Or talk to @rubbergash and see what’s available there

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Thank you so much! I just sent the info!

Can you sell the Sonata privately and make more $$. I feel like someone would give you at least $1500 on Craigslist if it runs well enough.

yeah, we’ve considered that, but it looks like it needs a new alternator, we’d have to get it smogged, find a seller, etc. engine’s good, transmission’s good, Kelly Blue Book says $800 for “rough shape”. So I think we’ll try to negotiate more. Or are we at the whim of the dealer?

OK everybody! Here’s the contract he sent this morning, but I need to give a little background since it looks like he didn’t re-enter new numbers from our conversation last night.
From Edmunds on 7/24/20 - MF .00050, Res 55%, Inc $250 dealer cash
$500 Trade In
FICO 821
Tax rate 9.25%
MSRP $25,895 + $1000 package added on
Cap Cost w/ Costco rebate $24,794 (he said Costco disc was $800 under invoice of 25,594)
I asked for 0 Down, tax included in monthly $, plus Drive offs
First offer: $329.89/mo incl tax, $800 Drive off (1st mo + DMV, reg)
2nd Offer: $320.59
Then he called back 2 hrs later & said he miscalculated, and it’d be $335/mo

Looks like he left the $800 drive off in the contract instead of re-entering the info, so it back-calculated things in a weird way so that monthly is a bit different, etc. Don’t see the $250 dealer cash, Interest rate seems double what it should be. COMMENTS PLEASE! !
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