Subaru Impreza Premium Hatch (Deal check)

Hi all,

I’m trying to evaluate lease terms on a Subaru Impreza I’ve been looking at. I’m not quite certain that I’ve put in everything correctly into the lease calculator and I’m having a hard time assessing a target price I should be shooting for.

At the top I should say I’m new to all this and trying to figure it out. I’d appreciate any help you can give.

These are the figures:

Subaru Impreza Hatch Premium 2022

Market Value Selling price: 26,552
MSRP: 23,195
Taxable Fees: 595
Tax: 52.06
Non Tax Fees 579.75
Balance: 27,778.81

36/12k @400 per month with taxes/fees/1st month DAS.

Here is what I have in the lease calculator:

They’re quoting me 400 but the calculator says 367. How close to MSRP should I be aiming for here? There wasn’t much in the way of recent deals on Subaru’s to go by on the forum that I could find.

Also apologies if this is the wrong area for this.

Keep shopping around and expand your search radius till you find a dealer selling at msrp. There’s also a VIP program or something similar to Stellantis’ affiliate where you get 1% under invoice or something like that. But dealers in these times are scarcely accepting that

Check with edmunds to make sure you’re getting the base mf. But I’d find one at msrp and finance rather than lease


This isn’t adding up. So MSRP is 23195, but what is the PERCENTAGE of the RV? You can’t get to 16643 from 23195 without using a portion of a percent.

did you confirm with the dealer they are using .0016 MF?

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Look into spca pricing

I just confirmed with them. I was slightly off with the RV. It’s actually 16,463 (so 62%), and the MF .0016 which is below the MF I was quoted on Edmunds.

Talk to @rubbergash. He is in Socal.
You’ll be penalized if you buy out of region.


There are a few dealers in SoCal selling at MSRP, I found one dealer so far willing to accept VIP pricing but they are (thus far) a PITA.

@adjunct where in SoCal are you, and how soon do you need this? I wouldn’t pay over sticker for an Impreza but that’s me.

Is the MSRP 23,195?
23195 x 62% = 14,381

Are they telling you 16463 and you are trying to back into the selling price? That’s not how RV works. RV is based off the MSRP.

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Thanks all for this.

I didn’t realize there was a Subaru specific contact.

@jeisensc I’m currently in Los Angeles but moving up to SLO next week. I’m not in a huge rush. I can come back down for the right deal.

You should finance this car. But this much of a markup doesn’t make sense.

Do you “want” a Subaru Impreza Hatchback, or do you “need”one? I have yet to pay MSRP for a vehicle, let alone over. I needed a 3 row SUV, and the 3 row SUV I wanted was a 2022 Chevy Tahoe. I quickly learned I wasn’t getting one unless I paid $10k over MSRP. I could have afforded it, but it’s not something I was willing to do. I adapted. I ended up with a GCL at 5% under MSRP, and I love it. Do what you want and what makes you happy, but there is nothing about a Subaru Impreza worth paying over MSRP for. And if you’re going to pay MSRP, just buy the thing, don’t lease it.