Sub-400 per month lease with zero down


If I bought anything but a Toyota new I’d def be using a broker myself. Just not worth the hassle at all…


Says the broker :rofl:

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Well think of it his way. He can spend 5 hours in a dealership or spend 5 hours selling a bunch of Toyota’s.


I sold cars for 3 years and even while I was working in the industry I used a broker 3 or 4 times from LH. Only 1 time was I able to match a brokers deal and in retrospect it was 100% not worth the time invested. The only caveat to this is where I like in FL there is a zero % chance of getting a deal on anything so I don’t even try around here anymore I just have cars shipped


South Florida especially Miami still horrible to get a good lease. Dealers on shark mode. Looking for a lease on 23’ CX30 for my wife. Been at it since October. Still nothing. Officially looking away from Florida (Miami).

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Cx30 doesn’t have good programs. Can’t recall the last time any subcompact did.

I know. I’ll continue waiting. Her 2018 Civic Ex with 30k miles is paid for. Right now getting good returns via car max. Wont sale the civic until I find a good lease on a sub compact. As car prices dropping so is what I’m getting from car max. Trying to open up her mind to other options. She does want to lease for sure.

Test drive in Florida and don’t waste another minute talking to dealers here. They’re the absolute worst. I’ve actually had some decent deals in north Florida, I guess bc there’s less money there, but with all the fees etc it’s still worth it to go a few states away and ship.

That’s just not gonna happen so IDK what you’re waiting for.

There seem to be some misconceptions around what leasing is and who benefits from leasing.

The people who benefited most from leasing were those who were going to drive BMWs, Mercedes, etc anyway and found leasing as a way to lower their TCO (total cost of ownership).

They could do so because they had the cash to put down MSD, had loyalty from prior ownership, or had corp/fleet from working at a select list of companies, knew about OL codes and had bought CCA membership, etc etc.

(Leasing also benefited people who wanted … let’s call them toys for lack of a better word and again had the financial security to easily afford the overlapping monthly payments and insurance coverage on those extra cars. People who could pick up a Camaro V8 on a whim, an extra Mini to toss around, maybe even a Jaguar F-type.)

What never happened was the same type of deal for subcompacts as a category and for most Asian brands in general, where repetitive leasing was a lower TCO than ownership.

Except Jeep products on this forum🤪

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I only lease. Currently 40 years old with kids. Been leasing since I was 21. Meanwhile (my current) wife has never had a lease. She has only financed. I lease under my company’s name. Believe me I’m not a rookie at leasing a car. I had an idiot dealer email me ‘‘best offer’’ he said… 5k down $290 a month. I literally emailed him back…are you crazy? Dont email me again. Thank you. Ridiculous on a 27k MSRP vehicle. I lease because I want new car every 2-3 years. Because I can. No…I don’t care for exotic toys or a bmw or a benz or some expensive 150k car.


An Impreza leases around that amount and satisfies your sedan requirement.

Post a LH calculator link for your target deal for this vehicle.